Treadmills, anyone?

  1. My schedule make it very difficult to get to the gym and I am thinking about buying a treadmill.

    Anyone have one that they love (or hate!)


  2. Do you have any size limits? I've seen really huge treadmills and ones that are really small. I wanted a treadmill in my house, but I didn't have any space to put one (even a small one).
  3. i adore my treadmill. i got it as a hand me down from my parents. i'm one of those people that needs to exersize the SECOND the mood strikes or i won't do it at all. plus the gym in my teensy town is kind of old and skeezy and keeps odd hours that don't work for my schedule.

    as far as type, it really depends on how much you want to use it, how much you want to spend and what you want to use it for. are you a hardcore runner? a speed walker? do you like intervals? hills? Welcome to TreadmillDoctor has really great reviews. they're very thorough. they also have a quiz you can take that will reccomend the best treadmills for your needs. also try epinions.

    good luck! :flowers:
  4. I have one. It's really cheap only $399 but it works very well. No need to buy a fancy one in my opinion.
  5. I bought one, about a year and a half ago, and I LOVE it! It makes it so easy to get my workout in. Between work, school, and three kids(plus the PHH), it would be next to impossible to get to the gym. I use it about 4-5 times a week, and it's really helped alot. I bought a proform, because it was relatively inexpensive, and I wanted to see if I would use it. So far, it's been fantastic, but eventually I'd like to buy a Smooth treadmill. They have a much better warranty on the motor.
  6. Yes I LOVE mine...I have a proform that folds up..I paid 700.00 for it and use it everyday for 30-45 minutes.,, I would be lost without it...
  7. I don't need a lot of features or bells and whistles, I need something sturdy and stable with adjustable speed and incline that is quiet enough that I can watch TV if I want.

    I am not a runner, I like to get on the treadmill on the gym and de-stress by walking at about 3.5-4 mph for an hour or a 5K loop.

    A friend of mine who is upgrading to an elliptical just offered me her old Smooth treadmill, I think that might make the decision making process easier -- free is good!

  8. ^^Lol! "free is good" - can't argue with that statement.:lol: A treadmill is really great to have. It's the one thing in my home gym I use the most. Living where I live, there's quite a bit of crappy weather so eventhough I prefer jogging outside in the wide open, I find that I'm resorting to my treadmill a lot, and particularly since it's winter here it gets dark out quite early.
  9. If your knees and ankles and feet are good, treadmills are a great idea. If not, a good stationary bike might be better. Ellipiticals are great as you can get an upper body workout as well.
  10. This is what I have, and I love it!! :jammin:
  11. I *hate* treadmills! I always stumble off them like a dizzy idiot even though I spend 10 minutes cooling down and reducing the speed to a bare minimum. I literally have to steady myself against the walls when I get off.
  12. I have one and I *hate* it. lol. But, I am one of those people who prefers to be outdoors. It feels like eons on the treadmill(even when I put in a good movie), but when I run outside, time flies by so fast, and it's more fun. I also have an elliptical trainer and it's a bit more fun than my treadmill, but not the funnest. I think my Skier(Nordic Track) is by far, the funnest exercise machine that I've owned. :yes:
  13. I LOVE to run but I hate running in summer so I bought a Nordic Track 7000R treadmill and really like it. Nothing will be outdoors, but this is really nice, especially with the reflex deck.