Treadmill or Elliptical?

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  1. Well after 10 years my good treadmill died :confused1: ! So, I'm looking to purchase a new piece of fitness equipment. And, I am debating a treadmill or a Elliptical machine? Which is best? Any advice be great!
  2. Do you run on your treadmill?

    I would vote for the Elliptical because it is easier on your bones and joints- running can cause quite a few aches and pains for women (men too)
  3. I would say Elliptical also as for the reasons mentioned above~ :smile:
  4. I vote elliptical too.
  5. I agree with Megs. ^^^
  6. Elliptical! It's a nice low impact exercise and burns quite a few calorires!
  7. I vote for the Elliptical. Easier on the joints. And it seems like I can actually go faster on the Elliptical than I can on a regular tredmill.

    Annnnd, my favorite part...I can go backwards to get the other parts of my legs and give my front muscles a break :smile:
  8. Yeah, I try to run. But, lately haven't been able to because after a while my treadmill will just quit. thanks for all the input!
  9. Elliptical is my vote also.
  10. Elliptical. I find it easier to watch the TV on one (less of a headache) and that allows me to go for longer.
  11. I vote treadmill, it is easier. Sometimes when something is really hard you end up doing nothing at all.
  12. I say treadmill because I prefer running; plus using the elliptical always makes my feet go numb after 20 mins.
  13. I would vote for the Elliptical also. I work out four days a week, including using the Elliptical for an hour and the amount of calories that I burn is amazing. I have lost several pounds and inches without having to change my eating habits. At least not yet.
  14. Elliptical really jump-started my weight loss last year (7 lb without dieting!)
    so I think maybe choose that...and it is much easier on your joints!
  15. I love the elliptical better than the treadmill. The elliptical gives me a better workout than the treadmill does