Treadmill/gaining weight question

  1. I started running on our new treadmill two weeks ago. I am not overweight, but want to tone my legs and just get in shape and get cardio in. Anyway, I have been running/fast walking two miles daily combined with pilates/weights rotation. Since starting this, I have gained 4 lbs :confused1: and even though I am not trying to lose weight....I def. dont want to gain any.

    Does anyone know what could be causing this.
  2. You are probably building muscle or retaining water. i think that i read somewhere that you tend to retain water after you workout or start a new workout. it should past, if you keep with it you will probably get on the scale in the next week or so and see it all gone, if its water. Try drinking more water and pay attn to how your clothes fit and how you look, that is more important than what the scale says.
  3. ITA, you're probably just retaining water. Just keep working out and drinking water and you should be okay. Don't pay attention to the scales because scales do lie. What is important is how your clothes look and feel on you. So I would go by the mirror if I were you because the scale can be quite depressing. Good luck on your goals.
  4. Thanks! I didnt even consider that, but I will up the water intake :smile: Unfortunately I'm not noticing a diff. in the fit of clothes either, but I am going to keep it up b/c I love the way I feel, so hopefully I will start to see results.
  5. I also think it is water- building muscle takes a while and is a bit difficult for women. I doubt you gained 4 lbs of muscle in two weeks.
  6. Oh and also, try to keep track of what you are eating. Most people don't realize that how many calories they are REALLY eating, especially when you start working out consistently. It's easy to eat more because you think you are burning so many calories. HTH!
  7. I suspect it's only a temporary weight increase as your body adjusts to the new cardio program.
  8. Thats ok, because you definitely will! I have noticed in the past a kind of "wooshing" moment where you wake up and "woosh" all that extra is gone and then some...its a strange phenomenon. lol anyways, what you are doing is good so keep it up....i am off to the gym myself in just a minute.:yes:
  9. I agree with this - watch your caloric intake. Because you're burning more calories with your new workout routine, you might be a tad hungrier because your metabolism is being boosted by cardio and weights. Turned on metabolism = hungrier throughout the day. If you're trying to lose weight, try logging what you eat through an online calorie tracker such as

    It could also be increased water retention. Definitely increase your water intake, and limit salty foods.
  10. I just started running on the treadmill about 10 days ago. i've been alternating walking/running/jogging and I feel like I'm getting bigger. I'm drinking plenty of water but i know i snacked a little more b/c of the holiday. Ive been good the last few days but today i felt hige on the treadmill. i'm giving it another couple of weeks to see if I should give up.
  11. Another thing may be that you are turning your fat into muscle. Muscle weights more than fat. Whenever I stop working out for a long time and pick it back up, I always gain a a couple pounds before I start to lose it.
  12. You should never give up. I did that and I am starting back from square one all over. You're probably just retaining water and feeling a little bloated from the extra snacks. If you didn't snack/have a cheat you would probably go insane like I did.;) If you just get back into the habit of your normal routine then all of this "feeling huge" will pass. Good luck with your goals.
  13. ITA--especially if your clothes still fit, keep running. The other thing (of which I am guilty!) is overeating after a workout because I feel like I've earned it. Try to keep that in check!:shame:
  14. Oh man, I try to stay away from the treadmill as much as possible. The damn thing gave me a fractured shin!
  15. Yeah, I hate the treadmill. My knees are too weak!