Trayvon Martin / Zimmerman trial

  1. So Zimmerman had blood coming from his nose and the back of his head but never got any medical attention? And we are hearing about this a month later? The police don't even take the gun that was just used in a murder?

    I don't care who was on top of who. Zimmerman instigated the whole thing, killed the boy (yes, he was just a boy), and then walked away scott free. Something is rotten...that police department needs some re-structuring.
  2. A ) People suffer injuries (including head injuries) every day that cause bleeding, but do not require medical attention.

    B ) There would be no reason for them to confiscate a legally purchased and registered weapon from someone with a legal carry permit. They know it was used, so there would be no reason for ballistics testing, so again, no reason to take it.

    C ) As is now being reported, the police investigator did seek charges at the time. The case was handed over to the State's Attorney's Office for followup. They were in the process of impaneling a Grand Jury to review the matter. That takes time, and the subject is not always arrested prior to the outcome.

    During the time between receiving the report and the Grand Jury, the story hit the social media with inaccurate information that nothing was being done.

    But hey, who needs facts when you have Twits?
  3. Spike Lee tweeted the incorrect address of George Zimmerman, causing the elderly couple who lives at that address to flee to a hotel fearing for their lives.

    The New Black Panther Party putting a bounty out on Zimmerman "dead or alive." Yet we don't see anyone in power coming out to speak against this. :shame:
  4. To me, it's still an armed 28 year old killing an unarmed 17 year old.

    Zimmerman should not have been harassing Trayvon in the first place.
  5. Exactly, I don't understand why some people are missing this point. Also, the fact that said 28 year old followed said 17 year old and instigated the whole thing. So what if Trayvon fought for his life. He was approached by a stranger with a gun.
  6. One of the members of the BPP was arrested for this and was told to let the police department do its job. I wish Zimmerman would have done the bolded.
  7. There is no proof of that. In fact, the evidence is leading towards Martin approaching Zimmerman.
  8. What evidence? Didn't Zimmerman say on the 911 call that he was following the boy? And did Trayvon drag him out of his truck? I'd really like to know what evidence you're talking about.

    This is truly disgusting. The boy is dead and now all of a sudden there is "evidence" coming out.
  9. Following is not approaching. Watch members are supposed to observe and report. Sometimes that means following to keep the person in sight until police arrive.

    Indications are that it was Martin who turned back and approached Zimmerman to confront him about being followed. I have seen no indication that Zimmerman approached or confronted Martin.
  10. Did he drag him out of his car too? Again, where is the evidence you are speaking of?
  11. The facts are out there if you read the news stories and avoid the social media.

    I've linked articles and sources above.
  12. Excuse me? I don't do social media, thank you very much. All the news stories have pointed to Zimmerman saying Trayvon approached him from behind. So how does that work exactly? Zimmerman admits to following him on the 911 call, but then all of a sudden now Trayvon is behind him? What about the conversation he had with his girlfriend 5 minutes before being killed? All the news stories that I've read are pointing to the fact that no one saw the beginning or the end of the altercation so how would anybody know that Trayvon approached him. Are we going to take the word of a murderer who has called the police 50 times for no reason? and also has a record? including assaulting a police officer? Oh wait, we have to take his word, because because guess what, Trayvon is dead. I don't know, I'm done here. No need to beat a dead horse.
  13. Links? A lot of people are saying a lot of things, but are there reputable news organizations or police spokespeople commenting on Martin approaching Zimmerman?

    And maybe I am just dense, but Zimmerman mentioned Martin's race several times in the call to police and muttered a racial slur. So I don't think there's much doubt that this was at least in part racially motivated. Police told Zimmerman he should NOT follow the boy, yet Zimmerman chose to follow Martin. While Martin MAY have approached Zimmerman to ask why he was being followed, I don't think there's any question that if Zimmerman felt threatened or honestly felt that Martin was a danger to the neighborhood he could have driven away and called police again.

    No mtter which way people slice or dice this, Zimmerman was the one with the power in this situation - he had the gun and the vehicle. He incited an altercation with a boy he didn't know for apparently no other reason than that the kid was black and walking at night (WWB). I can find no justification for killing in this situation.
  14. He was arrested because he's a convicted felon and was in possession of a firearm. Not for inciting violence.