Trayvon Martin / Zimmerman trial

  1. Agreed! The only thing that I will accept is that Zimmerman is guilty.
  2. Amen!

    Every time I read out Tayvon all I can do is smdh. This is 2012 and this mess is still happening.

    Did you guys hear that black celeb chef Roble and his friends were pulled over by the police and assaulted in NYC yesterday?

    This type of hatred toward black men will never end. It turns my stomach upside down.
  3. The awful part is that apparently when perpetrators (police, neighborhood watch people, average citizens) can "justify" their actions by disguising their hatred as fear, they get off scot-free.
  4. Tell me about it.

    And where I am, race isn't even an issue :-s. Think on that.

  5. I did not hear about this. It does not surprise me that DWB still occurs. Some people will probably try to downplay it, but this type of harassment unfortunately happens everyday.
  6. Caitlin1214 :heart: your pic

    I went to a rally for Trayvon earlier today; it was bittersweet. It was beautiful to see people of different races, ages, sexual orientation, etc. come together and want justice for the young life we lost. Just sad that it took something like this to make people come together.
  7. *~*I hadn't heard about sad!!! It is utterly sickening.*~*
  8. Just to play the devil's advocate - you could make a similar argument that men are discriminated against. They are jailed at a far higher rate than women. Unless we make the sexist assumption men are more violent than women, we would have to assume the system is stacked against men.
  9. I heard about it.... and I saw the video he posted.... this is really gettin' out of control....
  10. If Zimmerman hadn't been FOLLOWING the boy, Trayvon wouldn't have gone for the gun. IF that's true. Trayvon was going home. Frankly, I believe they're trying to give Zimmerman some good reason for what he did. Why, I don't know. He needs to be arrested for murder.
  11. IF he did try to grab the gun, I really can't say that I wouldn't have done the same thing (try to protect myself if I felt threatened). I'm thinking on a personal level...I'm out walking and some strange man started to follow me and then approached me hastily. I would DEFINITELY be on edge - I don't care if it's a "nice neighborhood" or what.

    In today's world, you never know. Crazy doesn't come at you with a sign but in the form of a normal looking person.
  12. I do not believe that story. I'm not calm enough to discuss it. I'll come back when I am.

  13. As are certain posters in this thread. A kid walking down the street carrying Skittles was shot and killed. It doesn't matter if he was 4'10 or 6'11 or 11 or 17 years old. It doesn't matter if he was black or white or wearing a hoodie or a 3 piece suit. The "justifications" given in this thread are akin to saying that a woman deserves to be raped if she wears a skirt.

    My jackass neighbors were out at 3am on Saturday night screaming so loudly that it woke me from a dead sleep & honestly made me think someone was breaking into my house. That doesn't give me the right to shoot them just because I was afraid.

    You don't get to just shoot people walking down the street because they seem suspicious.
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    On another note, i seriously don't understand why anyone is allowed to buy and own a gun in the states. You rarely hear about these stories here in Canada because nobody owns a gun in the first place. It's ridiculous. There's no reason for everyday people to be toting guns around.