Travis & Shanna: Well.... Hmm !

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    Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler claim they're not getting back together -- but the cozy pair showed just how far past their MySpace feuding they've gotten -- by cuddling up for Valentine's Day in Las Vegas.
  2. Don't know them so don't care LOL
  3. I'd like to see them back together for their children's sake, IF they can be healthy and happy in doing so.
    I read that she bought him a VERY expensive gift and he bought her some expensive jewelry. . .
  4. Interesting. OT but why is he always tilting his head back and looking down in every photo i see him in?
  5. maybe since he's not doing music right now b/c of his condition - maybe they will get back togehter, afterall thet do have children together!!!!
  6. Could be his sexy look angle. :s
  7. God forbid any of us miss one of his tats! LOL!
  8. LOL, no comment. Remembering the old adage..."say nothing at all."
  9. I hope they get back together ...I love all the weight she loss after they seperated
  10. I'd never heard of her before "The Barkers". One episode and I became such a Shanna fan. I'm with Swanky, if they can get back together and be happy and healthy, I'm gonna say a little prayer that they do so.
  11. :push: heehee

    Swanky he has to make sure we know his neck tattoo's are still there.
  12. FYI: Travis Barker is the drummer for Blink 182. (The band that put that What's My Age Again video - the one where they're running through the streets naked).

    Shanna Moakler was the first runner up (as Miss New York) in the Miss USA pageant. And she was named Playmate of the Month in December, 2001).

    They, along with their children were on a brief MTV reality show called Meet the Barkers.

    Shanna was the one throwing herself the divorce party.

    Let me see . . . Paris filed charges against her in October 2006 for allegedly screaming obscenities at her and punching her in the face. (This was after it was rumored that Paris was making out with Travis in a club.)
  13. ITA!
  14. I'm a huge Shanna fan. I LOVED her on their reality show. I hope they make up too.
  15. She's just trashy with the whole divorce party thing. But if they can work it out and treat their kids well, so be it!