Travis and Shanna Barker Split!

  1. I just read it on I thought they were fun.

  2. I posted this a whopping 2 minutes before you so let's merge!!
  3. Cool. I don't know how, so please do it.
  4. no???!!! really? i loved them together and loved their show on MTV. what happened?
  5. :crybaby: geez, i really thought this would never happen to these 2 ppl!!! its so sad!!!
    woo hoo, i might have a chance still - i just wanna check out his tattoos up close and personal!!! :graucho: j/ks!!! :jammin:
  6. I read that MTV had to cut a couple of episodes of "Meet the Barkers" because the couple was fighting so much. Sad. I liked that show, too.
  7. I loved this couple! I thought the were so good together.
  8. me 2! so sad