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  1. Okay, many of you know that Tuesday is delivery day at my local Hermès store. Now, I've decided to start a new thread to tell about my Tuesday visits at the shop. I hope I don't bore anybody with my lenghty stories. :yes:

    Like every Tuesday, I eagerly awate the arrival of the mysterious violine-colored ostrich Birkin. Like every Tuesday until today, nothing! I'm still wondering when this mystery will be solved since I've only heard of literally a couple of people who have apparently seen this color in real life but could not give me a clear description of the color ... only that it's between violette and raisin.

    I decided to go to the store during my lunch break from work. I entered and two of the SAs were there to greet me and to offer me a drink. As it was too early for champagne, I opted for a soda.

    Then the store manager came and said, "You're Birkin hasn't arrived yet but I'll give them a call again. I think I also told you too early that it's going to be here."

    I replied, "No worries! Like what I've learned from you, I have to enjoy the bags that I have recently purchased!"

    He said, "Exactly! Otherwise you will not be happy if you get everything one after the other."

    There is actually some truth to this phrase. If I get my bags immediately after the other, I lose the rush that I just had from the previous bag I purchased. Also, I'm always so excited to use the new bag. I guess by waiting, it gives me time to appreciate more the craftsmanship of my newly purchased bags.

    For example, while at the store, we chatted about my ostrich Bolide.

    The manager opened my bag and told me to put my hand inside the bag and glide my fingers across the zippers.

    He said, "Do you feel how smooth it is? You don't feel any bumps so you don't hurt your fingers in the zippers! Also, feel how even the stitches are."

    He added, "You mentioned before that you didn't like so much the inside lining of your Bolide."

    I said, "Yes, mainly because I was afraid that the lambskin will get scratched easily compared to chevre lining."

    He said, "Well, yes, chevre is more scratch resistant. But close your eyes and feel the leather. It is very soft and like velvet."

    I did and I guess he wanted to show me how exquisitely crafted the bag was. He also added how lucky I am to own such a luxurious bag.

    After the bag discussion, he opened some drawers with scarves and my eyes popped when I saw a gorgeous mousseline shawl in off-white with burgundy print. :love:

    He took it out and showed me every single detail of the shawl.

    "See, this is the 'Toile d' Hermès'. It is a scene in Paris! Here, you have a lady with a HAC. There is a Birkin. At the corner is a belt." And he went on and on about the design.

    He also said put it on a mannequin with a white shirt and explained to me that the shawl would work best with a white background to accentuate the design. He added that maybe I should come back another day with a white shirt and try on the shawl again. Of course, I couldn't wait another day as the design was really beautiful. We also tried on different ways of tying it and found a modern interpretation by slinging it across my body.

    I bought the shawl and asked whether I should store it in the box. He said that I should just gently fold it in my armoire to let the fabric breath.

    After the shawl discussion, the manager asked me, "Tell me something funny."

    I said, "I don't have anything funny to tell but I have something nice to say!"

    He jokingly said, "What, you want to marry me?" (By the way, he's gay!)

    That cracked me up so much but I replied that I was already married.:lol:

    I told him that I saw a bag at Hermès in London that would be perfect for my husband. I decided not to buy it there but instead order it from him. So, he thanked me for thinking of him.

    He then took out his catalog to look for the design. While flipping through the pages, he said, "Only VIPs see this catalog."

    I realized why. It has the Hermès cost price for the store and the retail price! ;)

    Anyway, I ordered the bag and it was called Buenaventura.

    I left the store to go back to work. Then, in the afternoon my colleague asked me to accompany her to Hermès again. So we went and this time had a drink of champagne!

    Okay, thanks for reading and until next Tuesday!

    Here is a photo of my new mousseline shawl "Toile d' Hermès" :love:

  2. Oh, laVan that shawl is amazing! It's really, reallly beautiful and a very special piece to have. It sounds like you had a blissful day.....
  3. Thank you LaVan. I love hearding stories about other people's experiences at Hermes, sounds like you have a great relationship with that manager, good for you! Your shawl is beautiful, congrat! Keep the Tuesday posts coming!
  4. Thanks shopmom and whispa!

    I really like it, especially because it looks a bit different. More romantic if I may say so. It is slightly pleated/crumpled to give it a lighter feel!

    I had a great time at the shop. By the way, when I came back in the afternoon, the manager introduced me to another client.

    He said, "Meet Mr. so and so. He's just like you but a male version! He's also here often."

  5. I love to hear about your Hermes adventures and look forward to Tuesdays. This is a good idea to keep them in one thread for easy reference. The shawl is beautiful. How exciting that you got to see to see the catalog, I am jealous.
  6. i love your tuesday updates! the thread title is too cute!! the shawl looks absolutely beautiful !!
  7. I love "tuesdays with LaVan"! I hope ypu keep doing it- your shawl is gorgeous!
  8. Thanks dianagrace, diana and ValleyOppressed!

    It was really interesting to see the catalog. I didn't browse to much on it because I didn't want to be snoot around so much. It just had drawings of the bags and the sizes (not the measurements but the sizes of PM, GM next to each other as an example).

    But I did see how much the difference was from the cost price to the retail price.

    By the way, the shawl picture is just a tiny part of the shawl. It's very long and also has the Eiffel Tower and so on.
  9. LaVan, I love the idea of a Tuesday update. I can live vicariouly through you!

    Toile ANYTHING is always a favorite of mine and this shawl is TDF!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely Hermes day with us!
  10. Love the shawl! Thanks for sharing your stories with us. I feel like I was there today even though I am far from Hermes. It really brightened up my rainy afternoon! :biggrin:
  11. La Van, if you don't mind me asking, what is the average spread from cost to retail?

    Btw. That shawl looks spectacular. The detail is amazing!! Do you go every Tuesday? I would be so tempted to get something every week!!
  12. I just found this thread. I stay away from Hermes subforum because I can't afford it.

    Love the story and the shawl! Was Mr. So and so single? straight? I would like to find a guy who shops at Hermes. I know you exported (sold) your LV to me, maybe you can send him or some of your hand me down Hermes to me one day???
  13. Thanks Greentea, crochetbella and shu!

    I'm glad I was able to entertain you.

    Shu - I go to the shop once or twice a week. But Tuesdays are special because I get to see the new stuff that arrived. If you don't mind, I prefer not to mention the cost-retail percentage.
  14. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I think he was single and he looked straight. He's probably in his late 20's early 30s. He's Asian and regular built ... I'll ask the store more about him!
  15. La Van-love the idea of this Tuesday story thread! It will be like a TV series--hope there aren't any cliffhangers and only happy endings!

    I can already picture all of us on Mondays thinking how we can't wait until the Tuesday update.
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