travels of your H bags

  1. inspired by la vanguardia's travelling Hermes handbags (she deserves her own thread - LOL!), pls. post any pics of your H bags on your travels (vacations, long weekend trips, overnight get-aways etc). let me start :

    maui - Blue jean birkin 30/san francisco - Black chevre 35 birkin/dana point, ca - JPG shoulder birkin rouge
    Untitled-Duplicated-01.jpg IMG_1705.JPG DanaPt2.jpg
  2. here's my 30 birkin gold togo out and about in beverly hills (with my friend's 40 birkin thalassa blue) :

  3. Just got my Birkin recently so she hasn't been anywhere but to the city, lol. No exciting adventures... yet! But what a wonderful idea, Pazt! Thanks for sharing your Birkin travels. You look great! And love those leopard print flats.:love: May I please ask how tall you are? Both the 30 and 35 suit you well.
  4. thanks sue - i'm 5'4" tall (or short). i prefer 35 now. my first 2 birkins were 30 and they look tiny ever since i got the 35. but both pack well too, no matter what dimensions they have. :smile:
  5. Thanks Pazt! That really helps. I'm an inch shorter than you and was wondering if I could pull off a 35 with much elagance, lol! You certainly have! You look really fab with both sizes!
  6. Oh this is a great thread. I will participate later, first I gotta chop off my head from the pics, LOL..

    eta: I am 2 inches shorter from Pazt and I :heart: :heart: my 35! I say, if you like a bag, dont ever care how you look on it, if you like it, go for it!!!!!!!!!! Your confidence will always shows thru and that's what makes one looks great. My 2 cents.

    BRB with the pics..
  7. thanks sarah! i was cropp-ing to death yesterday as i thought of this thread after being inspired by la van! post soon!
  8. Pazt, you and your Birkins look gorgeous!! Come on Sarah, where are those pix?!?
  9. Pazt--I love your pix--you look wonderful with your bags! I'm about the same height as you and feel the same way about the 30s---it's all relative. The 30cm seems to look better on me for evenings out. No pix of Birkin on vacation yet--I can't seem to manage to take pictures except of DD. I'll get DH to take some pix when we head to SF in January or in Vegas in Nov. One vacation I haven't brought my H-bags with me on is our annual trip to Hawaii--too paranoid I'm going to get oil/sunscreen all over them or they'll get caught in a rain shower. :smile:
  10. Pazt, thanks for sharing the pics. :yahoo:
    You look good on all 3 pics. I like you and your black birkin the best. You look great in that size and color. May I ask you how much did you pay for your 35 black chevre birkin?
  11. Okay, pics are coming.. courtesy from my recent Europe trips this year :love: I aint chopping the heads, coz by doing that you cant see the whole background.. so I just airbrushed 'em :P

    From L to R, 30 cm thalassa box calf in London (the lady on the left is my aunt, we were bored as hell waiting for the group to finished their shopping, we asked strangers to take our pics :upsidedown: ), 35 cm chartreuse birkin in Dijon, and 30 cm ebene birkin in the streets of Paris.

    Fun thread, let's keep the pics coming, dont be shy ladies..
    thalassa_in_london1.jpg chart_france.jpg ebene_paris.jpg
  12. all your bags are gorgeous! thanks for the pics! i don't know how to airbrush..........
  13. Great pics ladies!

    Here's my GP in Greece last week!

    GP_whiteZara.jpg GP_OrangeZara.jpg
  14. Lavan - You look so great! I love your outfits! Thanks for sharing.
  15. oh lavan, all your outfits are so cute and comfy! i wish we were all there with you! :P