1. Hey,
    Does anybody know anything about the new rules of travelling to the U.S from London?
    How many bags you can take as hand luggage?
    Can you take a laptop bag aswell as a hand bag?
    What can you carry in your bag?
    Any information would be great!?
  2. Every airline has different carryon rules...Most airlines I use allow ONE PURSE(Where I put my laptop)..and one carryon bag
  3. All small liquids(mascara....lipgloss) must also be in a small ziplock bag...No big amts of liquid allowed
  4. I believe rules for the UK only allow one carryon bag, period. Most US airlines allow one carryon and one personal item(a purse).

    The liquid rules are no more than 3oz of any one thing and the bottle must have a label with the # of oz. No more bottles than can fit in a small ziplock bag, and yes the items need to be in the bag. Make sure you take the bag out so they can see it for screening.

    Also, the UK does this "take off your shoes if asked" thing, but the US makes everybody take off their shoes. So make sure you wear socks to avoid nasty foot fungi.

    The chances of getting patted down increase if you seem nervous or in a hurry, so try to keep calm.

    The lines are quite long in the UK, so be sure you're there with PLENTY of time. The US lines are much faster.

    Good luck.
  5. Yes, you can only have ONE! And they are very strict about the size. You know the little metal things they have in the US to show the size of a carry on? At Heathrow they made every single person put their carry ons in there, despite size, just to prove that it fit. I felt bad for one girl who had to check her longchamp, that's not checkable luggage! And there were other people I saw with purses and laptops and they had to make the decision of what to check.

    And then we also got to the gate for our flight there was another security check point there, and once you went in, you couldn't really leave. You probably could but you'd have to go through security again.

    Oh, also, since I packed carry on and had my purse, I put my purse in my brother's backpack. Later I took it out and therefore looked like I had two carry ons... no one in the 2nd security check point or when I boarded the plane said anything at all, so I guess if you're traveling with a guy who isn't bringing anything abroad it is a way around it.
  6. Yes, only one hand luggage when departing the UK. Crappy policy.
  7. it's crap.. but i just take a bigger bag so i can fit my smaller bags in it. way to reduce handluggage on planes, no? :rolleyes: and with BA's one suitcase only rule i take more in my handluggage too. it's so ridiculous.

    but for the full list of rules go on, the latest updates will be on there.
  9. MANDM, what kinda bag do you mean by biggest bag?
    Like a holdall?
  10. MandM,

    Just be careful because some luggage claims to be carry on size and really doesn't fit in those airport size restriction things. I really had no problem until flying out of London... but I had to rearrange and put stuff in my dad's laptop bag and my brother's bag to make my "carry on" piece of luggage fit... which was yes, filled, but not over stuffed. So just make sure it fits before hand if you want to avoid checking it.
  11. Blue284,
    Did your dad only take his laptop bag?
  12. only one bag. you can take your laptop but it has to be removed from your bag and inspected at security.
  13. No, the rest of my family checked their luggage. I rarely check luggage, especially if the trip is only a week or so, therefore, I was the one who got stuck with a carry on and my purse, where they just had their respective laptop bags/backpacks.
  14. Thanks for the advice on the small carryon -- does anyone know the specific size restrictions? In inches?
  15. It's on the website, I don't remember.