Travelling with toddler?

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  1. This twice postponed vacation on February is giving me cold sweats. :shame:My DD is turning 2 on March and this will be her first time flying. And it is going to be a long one, too! 3 hrs from AUS to LAX and then LAX to MNL for about 16 hrs. :sad: I'm positive that she'll be asleep half of the time but what can I do to make it smooth sailing for her?

    Your advise is very much needed! Thank you
  2. First of all, I think you'll be surprised how well she'll do. It will be something new and different. One thing that always worked for us was to get one or two new toys for the trip (plus the favorite standbys). Also, be sure to have your own snacks and enough to drink. Today with all the options on planes - movies, music, etc, It really isn't so bad. Just don't insist she sit in her seat the entire time. there is NO WAY she can do that. We usually straddle the toddler - one parent on each side and let him do whatever he wants (besides disturbing others). Like, for your daughter, if she wants to sit on the floor, OK, if she wants to sit on your lap, OK. If you are calm, she will stay calm too.
  3. ^ITA bbb

    my kids couldn't even stay in their seats for a short flight to Dominican Republic, so you may probably be taking short walks w/ your DD in the aisles since the flight is long. besides her own snacks and drinks, maybe bring some of her little favorite activities-coloring books, crayons, story books, etc. (oh and btw, me and DH tired the kids out by letting them run around in the airport before boarding-they fell asleep as soon as the plane took off and were knocked out for most of the flight :smile: )
    yes, and staying calm and compliant for and with her is important too!
    have a safe and wonderful trip!
  4. Thanks for the suggestions, ladies!

    What's bothering me more is that DH won't be flying with us. He'll be catching up after a week but will fly back to the US with us(whew). Alhtough I have my sister and BIL, they still don't know how much of a handful DD can be sometimes. I guess I'm more stressed about not having DH around for DD's first flight :biggrin:
  5. i've taken my young kids on the plane a few times a year. this year we've done 3x 20hrs flights (montreal-newark-s'pore-jakarta), 1x 12hrs flight (london-s'pore), and 2x 7hrs flights (montreal-london). i started taking my daughter and son on long haul flights (12+hours) since they were 8months old. they're 2 1/2yrs apart in age.

    i find that window seats are always very helpful as is sitting at the front row. most of the time i fly with economy class, but flying with business class would be a big plus. i've only flown on the business class with the children once (on a 12hours flight from london-s'pore-jakarta) and it was very enjoyable. my daughter really enjoyed herself on that flight...but the children get excited anyway, even on economy class (can't afford to:lol:). i normally try to fly with singapore airlines as i find them to be the most helpful when traveling with children. they provide nappies, wipes, bibs, and a toy for each child for free.

    i also take plenty of dry snacks with me (can't take liquid nowadays), a good supply of nappies/diapers, 2 sets of spare clothes per child, 1 favourite soft toy per child, and lollipops (for take off/landing).

    another thing...i always try to get a night flight, so that they'll sleep for most part of the journey. this i find is a true life saver.

    hope this help and happy flying:flowers: i'm sure you'll do just fine.... i was also very stressed the very first time i took dd on the plane, but it went ok.
  6. PORTABLE DVD PLAYER w/ headphones. I know it's horrible to have TV on at home, but on an airplane, it does keep the little one still for a little bit. I go to the dollar store and buy coloring books, crayons, tiny toys to play with...then i'll keep surprising them with a toy. I buy cheap stuff just because I don't want to be worried about finding the toys leftover on a plane or trip somewhere. Oh...does your child like Playdo? No, don't bring playdo, but crayola has wonderful stuff similar to playdo called Modeling Clay that is not messy at all and is really fun to do! And of course, have their favorite treats. I make everything a "surprise" for them, so they are happy and entertained with each thing. GOod luck!
  7. ^^^ITA! Our portable DVD player with a bunch of movies, this has been an incredible lifesaver on every flight for us, and we've flown twice a year since my son was 6 months old. He's almost 6 and now a pro at traveling. Also - new toys, crayons, kids music on an ipod, treats and books - anything you can possibly think of to keep them busy!
  8. I am travelling with my 2yr old this Dec.. going to LAX. We have travelled with her a few times already and she has been a good girl, so far! She would always sleep in flight.. which kinda makes it hard for me, esp when it was just the two of us because I was not able to eat my meal so much because I have her in my arms the whole time, but I was able to manage.

    This Dec.. our DD and I will be leaving 1wk ahead of DH.. AND I am 4½mos pregnant! We'll see how it goes. I am a bit scared.. I've heard nice reviews from my relatives who have taken Singapore Airlines and I was told that they do take care of their passengers esp those with babies/kids. I have actually called in advance to request for our seats and also asked for assistance from the airport to the airplane to and from my destination.

    I suggest to keep your DD busy, bring with you her favorite toy.. let her play with it.. don't mind the person next to her because I'm sure they will understand that a child needs to play and be themselves.. regarding taking off and landing.. make sure she's munching or drinking.. keep her mouth busy so the air pocket will not be so bad for her.

    Good luck and enjoy your vacation!!!
  9. Oooh, I can definitely chime in on this one.

    My DH (who turns two in two days:girlsigh:) has travelled a LOT overall. Probably at least every 3 months since birth. The shortest flight was 2 hours, longest was 5 hours. The first year was great, he was non-mobile, easy. The next six months were OK. He was active but not TOO annoying. The last 6 months (age 18 mo until, but not including last week) was really tough.

    He was extremely active, pawing at everyone within 10 feet of him. Fussy, wouldn't go to sleep even though he was exhausted. Overall, he didn't cry much, but he didn't want to stay in his seat. We paced up and down the aisle...

    Last week Thursday, I purchased a ticket for him (even though he's less than two). I had purchased a ticket for him in September. This time, however, I brought his beloved Britax Marathon car seat.

    I used this from Amazon... it was pretty good.

    But the key was the car seat. OMG I believe in miracles. He slept like he does in our car. At takeoff, he read some books, and then within 10 minutes he was out cold for 2 1/2 hours. Just like he would for nap time. And yeah, this strap isn't perfect, but it's good enough for what's out there at that price. The alternative stroller+car seat (Sit and Stroll) costs around $250US.

    The only thing is, I'm 4 months pregnant, and people at the airport (who saw me strapping the car seat on and off my carry on) were looking at me like WTF :wtf: that crazy pregnant woman is sitting and smashing her kid's car seat onto her carry on!

    Good luck!! It won't be as daunting once you've done it once. I'm pretty much used to travelling with my child alone, since DH is often left behind.
  10. Lots of toys and do not forget the air pressure upon take off and landing. Make sure to give her some liquid when this happen to prevent any ear discomfort. Hope you have a safe trip!
  11. wow! thank you thank you so much for the suggestions!

    I've heard good things about singapore air. I will definitely consider them.
  12. all great advice and just to retiterate, liquids (you can buy them at most airports after you go through security) and/or lollipops and/or gum (once she's older) for take offs and landings to prevent painful ear pressure. good luck and have a great trip!
  13. Some kids are absolute joys to travel with other are horrible. Be prepared for the dirty looks that some people will give you.......don't let them get to you. Bring her favorite blankie....maybe some new toys that she has not been allowed to play with before. Make a carry bag for her with things to keep her busy and tell her this is special for the airplane ride. She might have problems with take off and any liquids there will help. I would think she will sleep alot so a favorite stuffed animal and blanket will make her more comfortable. I would make a list of all her favorite things you need to take. The last thing you need it for her to cry for hours over a toy or something......
    I am sure it will work out fine. To me I would think it is more of a hassle standing in all the lines that the plane flights.
  14. Toys, finger food, and liquids! Cannot forget the toys!!1
  15. AUS to LAX and then LAX to MNL -----hey E!! heheheheeh!! finally!!! :smile: wooohoooo =) I'm sooooo excited!!