Travelling with Hermes in mind…

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  1. I am going on a long-awaited vacation soon (late Feb!), and naturally, have H in mind when it comes to “rewarding” ME for the past year of hard work...My first stop will be Hong Kong, and will be staying in my friend’s vacant flat during my month-long stay (lucky lucky me!! :biggrin:).
    Now, being a keen traveller, I want to fly to two other destinations (most likely to be a week each) from HK during my vacation. Apart from sightseeing and enjoying the local food fare, I do want to go somewhere to find one of my dream bags (my current craving is a 30 Birkin in chocolate box, or similar!:P) and accessories (including an orange Kelly long wallet in chevre! :biggrin:). I will be travelling by myself, so somewhere relatively “safe” would be preferred.
    Question is, with the above in mind, which 2 places should I go? :smile:
  2. One of the places has to be definitely Japan!!!!
    Only about 4 hours from Hong Kong and relatively cheap airfare. And mostly you will have a good chance to score a birkin in your specification.

    Also Japan is super safe!!!
    People still leave their handbags at their chairs whenever they go to the till to order some food and drinks - well maybe not a Birkin, though. :P

    Good food, polite people and completely different culture (well I don't know where are based but if you are from USA or Europe).

    If you have never been to Japan, I would highly recommend it!!
  3. Hands down, for H shopping in Asia....JAPAN!! You can also check out all the other resellers that tend to have some really unique H bags.

    Safe as well. No brainer here.
  4. Thank you so much for your replies! Japan it is then!

    I'm based in Sydney :biggrin:

    :broom: **heading to the Japan reading room thread now!**
  5. Sounds like a wonderful trip..good luck and be sure to post pictures of all your goodies.
  6. Tokyo definitely. Be sure to hit Ginza H. Sakara has prepared a detailed map of H shopping in Tokyo! be sure to check it out. You should know that you will pay a premium compared to other Asian cities when it comes to buying H from Hermes directly!

    I would also recommend Taipei, not necessarily for H shopping, but for cheap food and friendly people! Not to mention HK always have dirt cheap promotion to Taipei all the time!

    Since you are based in Sydney, perhaps you can also consider a stopover in Singapore. That's a very safe country and H shopping is not so bad there. Grail bags will be difficult to find though.
  7. Japan is definitely a must-visit, if H is on your itinerary.

    Try Singapore or Taipei for the other destination. Not sure about Taipei, but SG H prices are lower than most other Asian countries and there is a good selection of small leather goods across the 3 stores in town.

    And it's definitely safe enough for a solo traveller.
  8. another vote for Tokyo and Singapore (all the foodie pictures that robee posted).
    saw a Black 30 birkin and a Gold birkin on the shelf in Ginza H recently.

    pyrexia: Singapore is a really good destination, but i think robee and friends might have wipe out the inventory already :lol:
  9. :yahoo:
    Thanks so much for all the suggestions! I will be flying Singapore airline, so I will definitely visit the H inside the airport - it happened to be where I purchased my first H scarf back two years ago! :smile:
    Hopefully I'll do a reveal here when I return :biggrin: Wish me luck! :graucho:;)
  10. :confused1:I thought Robee was on a ban??
  11. LOL!
    Well I think they've re-stocked a bit, since she is on a ban (but we know all her version of a ban...)

    Kelly_Day, you might want to try to hit Tokyo BEFORE robee gets there, else there might be nothing left for you!

  12. Good luck! :biggrin:
  13. Day trip to Macau ... casinos + top stores plus have new hermes store that opened a little while ago ... can be on top of japan/taipei/singapore
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