Travelling with Expensive Bag... CUSTOMS??

  1. Okay... here's a question I've always had, but have been too afraid to ask, since no one will understand my handbag obsession anyways :roflmfao:

    I'm in Canada... if I want to travel across the border to the USA to go shopping in Seattle, I allowed to bring a nice expensive handbag?

    I worry that I will get charged customs duties and tax on it when I return to Canada... I keep my handbags in *pristine* condition...could they accuse me of purchasing it at a boutique in the US and then trying to smuggle it back in?? I also don't have receipts for most of my bags... either purchased from leshent, personalshoppers on ebay, or from PF marketplace when it was still up :shocked:

    What about expensive jewelry, sunglasses, or clothes/shoes and cameras?? I ask because I'm paranoid so the last time we went to USA, I dressed like a complete bum.

    Also... what if I'm flying to a SE Asian country?? I want to bring my Fendi spy and $$$ accessories with me on my free all-expenses paid trip to visit family there (graduation gift from parents). Would I get taxed on accessories I already owned when I come back to Canada?

    Please help :love: I hear stories of you fabulous jet-setters here on the PF travelling with your gorgeous handbags, and I just HAD to know how to handle this?? :heart: :heart: Thanks in advance!!!:heart: :heart:
  2. You don't have to worry about your own belongings. You can use what you want!
  3. I believe there's a form you can fill out stating what you're bringing into the country with you. I'll have to check with my husband. We were just discussing this the other day.
  4. My LV SA always has such issues coming back to North America from Japan - they ALWAYS open up all her tightly packed luggage!
  5. I think if it doesnt have tags/packaging and you arent bringing a ton of bags you should be ok. They definitely wouldnt charge customs on the bag you are carrying at the moment!
  6. For your designer bags I have always been told to take a copy of the receipt when I travel to prove that it was bought in Canada. I know I will not be taking any of my bags when I go on vacation ..b/c I will be bringing lots back! hehehe
  7. Keep a receipt from every bag inside the bag..I always do that....just in case.I have never been stopped by customs though
  8. What if I don't have a receipt (bought from ebay or from PF MP??) Would I still win an argument? And do I need receipts for diamond earrings/camcorders/sunglasses too?

    Perhaps I'm overly paranoid about customs being fussy?
  9. I went to Canada recently and on each flight I filled out a form on what I was bringing and approxiamently how much it cost. I think that you only have to account for what you're bringing if it costs over $10,000. Just to be sure, check your government's website on travelling to the U.S.
  10. I would call Canada customs and ask them...basically from what I know you have to prove to them where you purchased something if you are asked.

    I find if you are fairly honest ;), make good eye contact and don't act all weird or suspicious you should be ok. Just be prepared, and answer their questions, don't provide any additonal info unless they ask for it . If you start rambling on about something that can be considered suspicious too.
  11. No worries at all!
  12. I guess if u have too much of something, that's when they start asking you more.. so just appear relaxed and just answer the questions asked...
  13. i don't think you're paranoid because I worry about the exact same thing! I know that before you're flying out from canada, you can fill in a custom form at the custom department in canadian airport declaring the items (handbags, jewellry, $$$ stuff) and no receipt is needed. custom officer will look at your items, verify they are indeed what you put on the form. then when you come back to canada, you just need to show the custom people the form that will verify that they are your belongings which you took travelling with.
    In terms of driving across the border, i don't think there are a similar procedure (at least I am not aware of it). i always dress like a bum too...
  14. yep that is correct. therefore when i travel internatinally i do have a special wallet with all the copys of receipts of the items i travel with with with me. if i have an expensive item without a receipt i simply don´t take it with me. as it can happen even though you bought it in your home country if you can´t proof it you end up paying customs for it, (happened to me once and i learned my lesson well) :censor:
  15. If you bought it on eBay, your money order or Paypal receipt or even a canceled check are good enough. I always keep my receipts for insurance reasons. Without them, they won't pay.