Travelling wapity..she can pose or what??

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  1. Hi guys...

    Sorry I've been busy and haven't really hang around TPF lately. Beside busy at work, DH and I just took vacation..

    I just want to share the pics of my travelling wapity. She went to Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Phoenix..

    Hiking in the desert and to the mountain..yeah..she got snow in..



  2. [​IMG]


  3. Oh I love it! And gorgeous scenery, btw!
  4. LoL!! Cute!! Glad you had a great vacation, welcome back!!
  5. Amazing pictures! I love them, how clever! You have a very well traveled wapity there, lol and the pictures of the sites are breathtaking, wow to have seen it all irl!
  6. thanks guys..DH gave up..he rolled his eyes when he saw I took the pics of
  7. Oh, you're so cute!! Traveling wapity... hee hee
  8. :nuts: Lovely pics! Lucky Wapity:love:
  9. Aww, how cute! Now I want a wapity. :lol: It looks like you went to the Grand Canyon...haven't been there in years...
  10. Haha, that's really cute! Wapity out for a modelling shoot :smile:
  11. Great ideas!!! Thank you for sharing!
  12. great pix i voted for u!!!
  13. Haha that's an adorable idea!!! And the scenery is just gorgeous, it looks like you had a lot of fun. :heart:

  14. Not..that's not Grand Canyon, It's Canyonland National park in Utah, it looks like Grand Canyon. It's very isolated national park..

    Love Grand Canyon too, we plan to do rafting sometime in the Summer..
  15. Awwww, 'she' is and yes she is quite photogenic!