Travelling to Toronto....

  1. Next week! Any suggestions on places to go? I have a 2 yr old son that I want to show around. Not too interested in shopping destinations as I will be doing that in NYC the week after. Touristy places are ok as long as my son will have fun. :lol:

    Thanks!! :flowers:
  2. I really like going to the Toronto Zoo. It's a little hefty at 19$ for adults, but your son's admission will be free at least. Check out the "African Savanna" - it's my favourite part of the zoo.
  3. Thanks, Ayla! :smile:

    We are also catching a baseball game (Blue Jays vs. Yankees) while we're there.
  4. Ontario Place
    Centre Island
    Canada's Wonderland
    CN Tower
    The Zoo (as said above)

    Those are all fun places for kids!!
  5. Thanks, Kimm! I better start writing these down! :smile:
  6. The ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) has fun interactive kid exhibits
    The Science Center has alot of fun stuff for kids too...but its not downtown

    Have fun!
  7. ohh...just remembered...Riverdale farm is great for kids...they can feed lambs & chicks, ride ponies and other fun stuff and its downtown
  8. cn tower!! it is so much fun.
  9. Thanks faye and carson! :flowers:
  10. Have a safe trip Pnay71!
  11. no suggestions, just wanted to say have a wonderful vacation!
  12. Thanks pursegalsf, vondervall and pisdapisda79! Can't wait to leave...flying out tonight!

    Pursegalsf, see you in SJ in a month! :smile:
  13. Have a fun and safe trip Pnay!:flowers: