Travelling to ROME

  1. Hi gals, I m travelling to Rome tommorrow. Thinking of getting the Multicolor Shirley in White at the LV over there. Any podders living there know if there is stock for it there? Do they allow reservation there?

    I m at Italy now and there's no stock for Shirley over here. :sad:
  2. Oh beautiful Shirley...I'm not sure about the stock but congrats with the vacation trip. Rome is AMAZING.
  3. Have a wonderful time in Rome and post pictures when you return!
  4. I love Rome
    Shirley has been discontinued but there should still be some around
    Sorry I'm not in Rome so can't really help but have a wonderful time
  5. wow, have fun! I'm jealous!
  6. Have a great trip! I hope you find a great bag!
  7. Have a great trip! Hope you find your Shirley!
  8. I don't think they have the Shirley in Rome anymore. My friend is on vacation at Rome also & she's traveling all over. I just talked to her on the phone & she happens to look for the Shirley as well but they said it's discontinued.

    I saw a few auction on eBay for brand new Shirley with 1/2 the price. YOu should check it out.

    Just a peek. I wish I can afford another MC but I'm aiming for the Marilyn. Good luck.

  9. Have a GREAT trip!!!!
  10. I'm Italian, but I can't help you..I really don't know if they can have an MC Shirley..I'm sorry.
    Go into the store and try to ask for it!
  11. I'm sure you may find something else wonderful in the Eternal City, if there is no Shirley available !!!

    Have a wonderful time in that fantastic place !!!!!!!!!
  12. Wow,congrats and have fun!!
  13. THank you gals! I really hope i can find her there. Am desperate for one now! haha. Will keep u all updated ! :biggrin:
  14. Hey gals! I finally found Shirley! So happy! Will post pics once i took the pics! :biggrin: :biggrin:
  15. I hope you find one and also hope you have a GREAT time! :tup: