Travelling to Paris for one week- Birkin or Kelly?

  1. Hihi! I'm sorry if this has been posted before-- I tried searching and didn't find answers. I'm going to Paris tomorrow evening for one week. It's my first time there, and I'm staying at a small hotel that is in the east side of Paris, Vincennes, really close to the metro which I'll take regularly to get to and fro the city.I'm mainly hitting the main tourist areas, shopping, and eating. Also spending New Year's Eve at the Eiffel Tower.

    Question is: Should I take a 30cm black birkin (the leather is discontinued, vache ardenne something-- sorry can't remember) or a 28cm cyclamen kelly in epsom w/ the strap? Both carry what I'll need during my site seeing, etc.

    Also, do you think it's safe to be carrying these bags around, as I hear there are a lot of people pickpocketing, snatching, etc? Should I just carry some safe bag that I won't cry over if something happens?

    Any advice would be super helpful-- thanks in advance!!!!
  2. I'd take both, personally. If you're going to worry too much about leaving one in the hotel, though, I'd take the black Birkin because it's the most versatile (and the cyclamen might attract too much attention?).
  3. I agree with Cynthia. If you can take both. If not, then also agree with the black Birkin for versatility. Have a great time! I use the metro there constantly.
  4. I also agree with Cynthia :tup: Make sure you have traveler's insurance, as well, if you're concerned about your bags! Are you going to Versailles? :girlsigh: Oh, you'll have such fun!
  5. I think if you're going to Eiffel tower for New year's eve, you shouldn't bring a birkin or a kelly because it will be full of people and some pickpockets as well. You should enjoy it and not to worry about your bag. And also if you're going to take the metro, I don't think you should take it either since I hear unpleasant story many times. I say carry the safe bag. And bring the birkin to H store and shopping on Saint Honore.

    Have fun in Paris and I am sure you will love it. :smile:
    Happy holidays.
  6. good advice Ilovemylife:smile: If you only can bring one bag... normally I would say the kelly (handheld or shoulderheld) but in this case I would go for the best color that suits you.
  7. yes good advice!
  8. I agree with all of the above! :tup:
  9. BTW Have a great time! Please bring back pics from your trip!
  10. I hope you have a terrific time! I wish I was going....
  11. Thanks everyone for your help! I think i will bring the black birkin and use it for days I know I'm shopping and won't be in huuuge crowds. And I'll carry my safe LeSportsac bag for NYE and other late nights. I guess I just have to test the waters and see what my comfort level is.

    I plan to visit Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Champs Elysees, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, Versailles, and much more.... first time, so it's all about exploring what is out there. Happy new year's to everyone at the PF~!
  12. OMG, you're finally going! I remember us talking about this, and it seemed so long ago! I agree with all the above. Just remember, though, that a Birkin can get heavy after a while, esp. if you plan to tote around lots of stuff.
  13. I know.. I can't believe how I'm finally getting to go-- months after making reservations. I never thought the time would come and it's so thrilling! True about how it can get heavy.. but that's what the safe bag is for if I get tired =)
  14. Have a GREAT time, I love Paris!!! My advice is definitely be vigilant of your surroundings. A few years ago I was there with my best friend and she was pickpocketed. I realized that they look for people who are absorbed in the surroundings and not paying attention. I keep my bag close and always closed in crowded areas. Be extra cautious in the lines of the Eiffle Tower and the Metro. My trip last year, I brought my balenciaga and I thought all the tassels and zippers made it a pickpocket's nightmare! :smile:
  15. Have a great time!! My suggestion is; take the Kelly as the Birkin can get heavy while sight seeing.