Travelling Question!

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Not sure if this has been mentioned but i have noticed that alot of you have done travelling overseas and have brought back and Louis Vuitton of some sort. With that said, to all of the LV travellers... did you ever get taxed when you came back home? Did you have to use it while you are passing the borders?

    I'm planning to buy a Louis in LA and i'm from Canada... It would suck if i have to leave the boxes and dustbag there and only take the bag back... but i'm afraid if i take the box they would find out that i bought it in the US and i would get taxed.

    How should i go about this?

    haha i'm noobular... sorry if it's a stupid question but i really don't know where else or who else to ask who would know better than you girls in the forum!!! :biggrin:
  2. i brought about 5 bags with me everytime i travel and never had to pay tax or anything. it's ur personal belonging, they cant charge tax on it.
  3. ^^^
    thanks! so when you bought them, were you able to take the boxes that came with them or did you have to leave them behind and just bring the bag back alone?
  4. oh, i brought my bags when i go and back with them, so i didnt bring the box. but i did with shoes :biggrin: i brought shoe boxes back ALL the time- i know the value of my shoes cant compare with LV bags but my point is...they cant see the brand of ur box from the machine, know what i mean :biggrin:
    wait for others' opiniions too
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    This will depend on how much you spend and how long you plan on traveling for. I crossed the border to shop for a few hours and made the stupid mistake of not declaring every item.. I was heavily taxed at about 26% (13% PST/GST for Ontario border + another % for not declaring items or something?) and went through the whole car search procedure. If the products are made in Canada/USA/Mexico, items will be taxed differently (and yea, they checked every single label of each piece of clothing). If you spend over the amount allowed for the specific number of days you stay in the states, and you declare everything, then you'll be taxed 13%. If you spend within the amount allowed, which depends on the number of people in the car and number of days traveling, then you don't pay any taxes.
  6. In Sydney, there is a $900 limit before you get taxed. The way around this is to open all your boxes and take out all your bags and use them before proceeding to customs! ;D

    Maybe you could stuff some boxes with clothes etcetera and if anyone asks, just say that you use them for storage! ;D

  7. That was going to be my recommendation...
  8. If you would like to be on the safe side, go with Pigeu's guidelines.
    I tend to live dangerously :biggrin:
    You can take the suggestions of others to open and use your boxes and bags before going home, but Customs can ask you for the receipts and they'll find out you bought them in the US.
  9. i am from Canada too. Why would you want to buy LV in the States... it is cheaper in Canada (once you factor in the exchange and all). And keep in mind there are no outlets for LV. A lot of people I know think they can buy cheaper in the states because of outlets, but this not the case for LV... do your research first so you won't overpay.
  10. ^^^OP Solai has a good point.
    But there are potential savings depending on which State you are buying from
    In Oregon, there is no sales tax, so that's the best place for LV. New York is not too bad (I think it's 4%), so depending on where the exchange rate is sitting, where you buy, and what province you are from (hello Albertans! :biggrin:), you could still end up ahead buying in the States.
  11. Because i did the whole price check and it is cheaper to buy from the states than in Canada right now. I'm going to be in oregon.. haha no tax! and then i'm heading to LA which still has lower taxes than Canada.

    anywho, my friend told me that it's okay to leave the box, i can always ask for one when i get back. I've bought from Holts here and it wasn't a good experience, don't really want to go back to the LV section there.
  12. ^^^
    Be careful when bringing back anything of value into Canada. I have been asked, on several occasions, if items in my luggage and on me were purchased in Canada and if they were, if I could prove it. If you can't prove it, they CAN tax you on those items.

    Also, if they catch you lying about items purchased abroad, you will end up on the "black list", which means that for the next seven (yes, that is 7) years, you will automatically be sent to the secondary search area every time you come back into Canada regardless of whether you have anything to declare or not.
  13. isn't there a spending limit of some sort when your in the states depending on a number of days? i'll be going for a week. what's the spending limit for that?
  14. 24-47 hrs = $ 50 CAD
    48 hrs - 6 days = $ 400 CAD
    7 days or more = $ 750 CAD
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    thanks so much!

    I think i'll buy it here just to avoid cutoms drama!!!

    i heard quite a few getting taxed and i hear some getting away.. haha i'll play it safe and buy it here and travel with the receipt... ugh. stupid customs.