Travelling in January: what's the WEATHER like in....

  1. Shanghai
    Germany (not sure which city yet)

    my whole family is planning to travel this January. we are aware that it is the dead of winter in all of these cities, so why January? well here in Australia, January is the middle of summer and that's the only time we can all get time off work and school. we've been to all of the cities before (except Shanghai), but not during winter. we're all excited to spend time together again. the last time we all went on a grand tour was in April 2004.

    can anyone please give me an idea as to how cold or wet it can get in these cities. what are the chances of snow happening? mainly so i know what to pack. a heavy coat for sure, but should i bring something for the rain as well? are galoshes necessary? how about snowgear?

    any help/suggestion/tips/comments are much appreciated. thanks in advance everyone :flowers:
  2. London is freezing and wet.
    Germany depends - obviously it's colder in southern Germany with a higher probability of Snow.
  3. Bring a VERY warm Jacket to Europe. I wouldn't worry about bringing Galoshes, but a warm pair of walking shoes (pref. waterproof like Timerlands, RM Williams or Columbia brand) is a good idea. Also, warm socks, gloves, beanie, scarf and sunglasses. You'll probably be warm enough with jeans on. Layer your clothing because once inside you'll probably be hot.

    Have a great trip, I'm sure going to miss these European winters!!!!
  4. Meant to add, I don't think the weather's too bad over here in Winter. Sure, it's bloody cold but it really isn't unpleasant. You might be lucky to get snow in Paris, Germany will probably have some, somewhere. IMO, the UK seems to get the worst of the crappy weather.
  5. January should be very chilly in the Uk, foggy and frosty perhaps aswell. :yes:
  6. As the others have mentioned London will be cold, very cold, and wet. The chance of snow in London is unlikely and if it does snow, it will be very little and disappear by late morning. I usually find Paris to be a couple of degrees warmer than London.
  7. Or, get another LV Umbrella! ^_^

    The weather is sometimes bad in Europe around those times, IMO you'd have more luck, if you like snow, to exchange f.ex. london with a ski resort on the continent (In switzerland, austria, germany, italy or france). Rain and grey skies can sometimes be little depressing for a long holiday.
  8. If you want to bring snowgear- come to Alaska- Anchorage is the HUB of travel between Asia and America.
  9. Germany (Bavaria at least): COLD! My recommendation would be to bring a down jacket, an umbrella, shoes / boots that you don't mind walking in the snow, ice, and salt covered streets with.
  10. In my part of Bavaria, we didn't get all that much snow last year - but a few years ago we got a bunch of it really just depends on how the weather systems form. There's always the possibility of snow, though ;)
  11. thanks for your replies guys!

    i'd rather it DOES NOT snow while we're over there. i don't want to bring extra stuff.

    so, do you recon i should bring a wool coat and a macintosh/parka?

  12. Alaska is definitely in the books. but not just yet ;)
  13. I know a lot of Australian ex-pats living in London and Paris and they all wear thermals (?) under their clothes, leather gloves and wooly hats in the winter. I think London's more humid than Paris but I'd say it rains the same in both cities (i.e. A LOT!).
  14. Paris in January.......brrrrrrrrr
    rarely any sunshine and occasional snow.

    but eh........c'est PARIS !!!!!!

    when i was there in jan, they had a mini ice rink set up at the Eiffel Tower !!!
    check it out if you go !!
  15. Tokyo won't be as cold as the places in Europe. My experiences of winter through Germany and in Paris were absolute bitter cold with icy wind. Canada - around Vancouver is a beautiful place to tour through winter, how about that destination?