Travelling for several months

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  1. Has anyone ever done an epic, once-in-a-lifetime, or round-the-world type of trip?

    I am considering some wandering and curious if anyone has experiences to share.
  2. Oh yes I am doing this in July well its not around the world just yet but its always been my dream to travel the USA so we are doing that for the 3 months and then also hawaii and bahamas I am so excited xx
  3. I have not, but how amazing is this. Have you planned your itinerary?
  4. Nope!

    Where are u traveling to?

    I have only done the following

    Malaysia to Bali to Malaysia to Bangkok Malaysia to Hong Kong to USA to Singapore to Taiwan to Hong Kong to Malaysia to Bangkok

    All within 3 months (I was in USA for almost 2 mths visiting the bf now hubby)

    If u are going any of those places and would like to know places to eat or shop, I'd be happy to help!! :smile:
  5. I am American but live in Europe. I have been considering going home by land and sea over a period of 6-8 months. It is far from a done deal and depends on some job decisions among other factors. However, if I went with this idea, I would most likely pick 5-6 places to spend a month each rather than travelling constantly.
  6. What about a cruise ? Europe to USA and pick to spend like a week or two in San Fran a week or two in Cali a week or two in NY but I personally recommend island vacation
  7. That sounds amazing, but I am a much, much lower-rent girl.

    I am from the West Coast and definitely would choose to go an Eastern and probably a Southeastern route, since I have barely touched that swath of the world. I also don't much like the upselling or the demographic on cruises, don't have the money, and have a non-negotiable need for inexpensive, high-speed internet for a majority of the time, as I have a telecommute that would be my source of income during the trip.

    One of my dream routes does pass through the Maldives ;)
  8. Maldives is on my list too!:cool:
  9. U would love Maldives! U shld go :smile: do an asia island hoping! Koh samui, Phuket, Maldives, perhentian, Bali
  10. If you are looking at low budget...Have you thought about Hostels? They are everywhere...
  11. Thanks, I have had good experiences in hostels, though at this point I prefer other options. The hostel environment can vary a lot, but a lot of the scenes I have perhaps not exactly aged, but crotchetified out of. The places I have in mind have very low cost-of-living, and I will keep my job, so I'm not terribly concerned about budget, just can't do a 6-month island cruise!

    I am mostly interested in whether anyone has thoughts on the experience, being on the move and out of touch for that length of time and the like.
  12. Will give some thought. I was under the impression from earlier comment budget was an issue. Hopefully, you have the opportunity to do this! Good luck. Keep us posted.
  13. I've done this, for a 2 month trip. I did no hostels, mostly moderately priced hotels. I traveled from the US to Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia,Turkey, and Morocco. It was amazing, I highly recommend it!
  14. Can I ask how you structured your trip broadly speaking? (e.g., length of time in each place, transportation within or between countries, any guided tours or activities, how were you meeting people, how on the go were you in terms of trying to see/do vs relax)
  15. I also wanted to offer this suggestion for places to stay. I am not too keen on "staying with people," but I like the idea of being able to have a whole place to myself. However, some people love to crash at other's homes and they get to know them. Check this out!