travelling birkin ... NYC meeting ALO with PICTURES ...and my new lil goodies

  1. My DH and I had a 1 week kidsfree holiday (my mom&grandmom were babysitting them). We decided to drive back to our home and fly out from Richmond to Nantucket and stay there for 3 days.

    In the morning we enjoyed a lovely breakfast and there after we met our friends and headed to the beach. Miss Birkin got a lot of looks and a beautiful tan.
    NT3.jpg NT1.jpg NT2.jpg
  2. Oooh sounds like a lovely holiday! What wonderful weather for it, too. You and Ms. Birkin both look very relaxed and happy :smile:
  3. There after we freshed up, we walked around town and headed to the Clubcar. My DH & friends used to go there a lot. We drank a couple of stormy weathers and then had a delicious dinner.

    The next morning we repeated step 1 & 2 and walked around town and just had some icecream in the night.
    NT4.jpg NT5.jpg
  4. How fun! Hope you had a nice romantic getaway:smile:
  5. Next day it was a little rainy and decided to walk town and shop (some clothes for the kids) little presents... what a cute place Nantucket is, quite busy too. It is so quaint, in a way it reminds me of Europe and my hometown.

    We again went to the clubcar, and to give an idea it is actually an old trainwagon. This time we had a couple of gin & tonics and here sits Miss Birkin.
  6. Ofcourse we wanted some dinner... but it wasn't easy to find a place in a restaurant. After a couple of no's we finally got in somewhere.... while we were seating. G (he is the 13year old son of our friends) all blushing... said mam are you sure???? what do you mean G? he pointed to the walls...
    NT7.jpg NT8.jpg NT9.jpg
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    I love the look on your face there, HK!! You look so naughty.
  8. ^HA HA! He is from US not Holland? Poor kid, the hormones were bothering him LOL! Love the mural with Miss B in front. The bag looks soooo good! Very Nantucket.

    You look absolutely stunning in the middle pic!
  9. ooh that was a little naughty :smile: the menu said 'foreplay' 'the big bang' and "cheap date". I closed Miss Birkin eyes and put a scarf around her;). G. kept his blushing cheeks for a long time:smile:. Food was good and drinks too. I was the cheap date as I choose the Burger.
  10. well next day it was time to leave (and yes G.'s hormones are pestering him :p) I'm getting a little preview what I can expect from my son :smile:.

    We flew to NEW YORK CITY :yahoo:...we were a little tired, all those cocktails :smile: we had some sushi and Miss Birkin had something to eat and drink too
  11. Next day off we went in the city... I love NYC and missed it so much, the last time I was there was 1,5 year ago!!!!. Very exciting to go to the Hermes store for the first time....
    At 2 o'clock I was at Madison Avenue and there I met Alo & her mom
    Hermes1.jpg hermes2.jpg
  12. I loved meeting Alo & her mom. We went inside and OOOOOH The store was :drool:... we took a look at everything, the scarves, the bags, the leather book, upstairs, shoes, jewelry, upstairs all the home goodies.... A european SA came to me asking where I came from... she then helped find some goodies for my mom & grandmom & for me...
  13. Here are some window pictures
    NYC1.jpg NYC2.jpg NYC3.jpg NYC4.jpg
  14. Thanks for the picture of you in front of your portrait! The artist did a beautiful job capturing the real inner you (jk);) The pictures of you in your flip flops and the pink polo shirt are summer personified. And Miss Birkin adds just the right to of je ne sais quoi. (Pardon my French spelling, it's been awhile.) Where are the pictures of your goodies??
  15. I will spill right away what little goodies I bought :smile:

    the first bracelet is for my grandmother (she didn't dare to model her hands) and the second for my mom.
    Bracelet1.jpg Bracelet2.jpg