travelling at the end of the year...

If you like house music, Chicago is a good place to visit! You could make it a clubbing adventure.

I'm afraid I can't be much help on the daytime attractions front, though. :P
Hi. I travelled there in the fall, a while back (some years). Chicago is the birth place of the modern skyscraper, and so there is a really good tour of modern architecture that you can do. It's also the hometown of Frank Lloyd Wright, and so you can visit Frank Lloyd Wright house at the Uni. of Chicago campus (a huge neo-gothic campus). Also, deep dish pizza and shopping (USA shopping is always a big draw, as far as I'm concerned!). It's not called "the windy city" for nothing, however! (Bring warm clothes, esp. in November).
Hi! I live here and it is cold.....We only have 2 seasons, winter and construction. Michigan Avenue is where the high end stores are located...Bloomies, Neimans...Gucci. Oak Street has the boutiqes..(I think Prada and St. John. The House of Blues on Dearborn is fun, with the Hotel right across the street (I like staying here!) We also have the Field Museum, Shed Aquarium by Lake Michigan. Also Navy pier..(Imax)
...Sears Tower, John Hancock....For Alternative stuff, Clark Street is good. Clubs like Metro, unique clothing stores.....I could never manage the flight from where you are. Is it not a 24 hour flight or so?
I love Chicago :smile: My FHs parents live there and it's such a great city! You'll have a great time for sure! Navy Pier is my fav place there I think, but it's mostly closed for winter. There's a really cute beach just north of Navy Pier, that's where my FH proposed!! :biggrin: :love:
Chicago is a great city! The people are wonderful. Something about that midwestern personality; so friendly! We had the best time in Chicago. There are wonderful restaurants. Of course I haven't been in years. I used to work for Aon on N. Wacker. We used to go up for meetings. They would take us to all the hot restaurants. Went to Oprah's when it was open. What a great place!

You'll have fun!
attorney-wife said:
Oh yea....Saks and LV...I think they are both on Michigan Avenue..(like I should know this. Having a brain cramp)
They are on Michigan Avenue, my friend confirmed this, just now. And we also have Oprah.....There is a long waiting list for tickets, you may want to write in now to get on the waiting list.
wow! sounds good so far!

thanks guys!

yeah, the plan is im flying from Auckland to LA - about 13 hours, spending about 2 weeks in CA and then heading up towards the East coast, chicago, Michagan, New York ***waves to Balenciaga Store***, go to DC and then head into Canada....

Keep the ideas/suggestions coming!!! its greatly appericated! :amuse:

thanks again!!!