Travelling alone

  1. So basically, I'm just tired of waiting ard for my family to have time, or my friends to have time to travel with me. It is never the right time for either of us. When 1 of us has time, the other doesn't. And we can't even plan in advance cause we're afraid something important might come up.

    So, I've decided that I should just start travelling alone or maybe join 1 of those tour groups, but I don't know where to start. Anyone tried one of those Contiki tours? I'm 24, and Im way over that partying stage, but I dont exactly wanna do a tour where there's no one there thats my age either.

    Anyone ever traveled alone or feel the same way?

    What's a good place to go that would have a good transportation system(don't wanna drive), preferably where the ppl know some basic English, or if I could get around with some of their basic language?

    I've already been to London and Paris, so something else would be nice.
  2. Traveling alone is one the best ways to get to know yourself. I think it's a wonderful idea.

    How about Switzerland? English is spoken by practically everyone there, plus it's beautiful.
  3. ITA!! You really do connect with yourself and it feels so empowering like you could do anything--within reason, of course.:p

    I've done it twice. Both times were on business but I stayed longer on my own. That's how I got to know several places in Europe. I'm not a big fan of tours because I like to walk a lot in new cities-that's how connect to a new place.

    A friend of mine travels alone all the time and loves it, too.
  4. switzerland is BEAUTIFUL, as intlset said.

    what about australia? or tokyo, japan? it's super easy to get around tokyo, even without knowing japanese.
  5. I agree, Switzerland is gorgeous! And lots of public transportation. I would say you can travel by yourself.. how about the Islands?
  6. I'm about to travel alone and on top of that it's abroad for my very first time. I'd say do it! No commitments and no one to hold you back. Plus, if you go to a major tourist spot you are bound to meet other solo travelers. Good luck!
  7. I've travelled alone a number of times. You actually meet more people this way and it's fun! Germany is beautiful as is the Netherlands and most people speak English.
    If you want to go further afield, Bali is a very special place to travel as well.
  8. I travel by myself frequently. Mostly for work but I've been on a few vacations as well. I prefer it sometimes as there is no one else's bs to deal with. :p

    Have you thought about New Zealand? It is just gorgeous! And the people are so friendly. Tons to do down there as well! Good luck and have fun!

    Editing: Ok maybe New Zealand is a bit tougher as you might have to drive. :biggrin: I will just say this - any major European city is very easy to get around in as most have excellent transportation from the airport (trains are great) and good local metro systems.
  9. I once took a 7 day cruise all by myself. I was at a point in my life where I really needed to do this, and I did it. People on the cruise could not believe I would intentionally travel solo., especially on a cruise, where pairs and groups are common. It was an experience that taught me alot, and gave me alot of focus in my life. Life is too short to wait for the perfect time to travel....who knows, you may just find a whole new group of friends !!!

  10. Oh I wish you a great journey!!

    I waited and waited and waited for my partner to take me but it never materialized.... I'm at that age and time where the opportunity has dwindled significantly, not to mention finances - I'm not as robust as I use to be and am homebound caring for someone 24/7. I wish I'd taken the bull by the horns as you are doing and traveled solo when I had the opportunity to do it on my own. I do alot of armchair traveling these days tho.

    Alas... don't wait. Live your life to its fullest potential! :tup:
  11. Tour groups are actually fun if you go with people your age. I did that when I was in HS and I loooved it. I made lots of new friends and I even kept in touch with some of them afterwards :tup:
  12. I was also going to recommend Australia because I know they speak English there :upsidedown:

    I've heard the Netherlands is also US-friendly because most of the natives don't expect anyone to know Dutch and are fairly proficient in English.

  13. OOH I've been in your situation -- I had the time/money to travel but nobody else did! I've traveled to Las Vegas, Barbados, Jamaica, and Spain on my own. Additionally I've travelled for work and gone to Denmark as well.

    The best advice I can give is not to go to places where you'll feel bad being alone. Las Vegas is a great example. It kind of was "no fun" by myself... it's more fun with more people. But a tropical island -- completely fine by myself. So I'd recommend the Caribbean for a solo getaway. I didn't stay in an all inclusive resort but that would be the easiest thing --- there are activities you can sign up for tours, etc. Lying on the beach with a good book and a pina colada is def something fabulous -- even if travelling solo!!! good luck!
  14. I did a lot of travelling alone when I was a study abroad student. I was/am based in London so it's really easy to travel around Europe from here. I did a week trip by myself and went to Munich, Kufstein (an unplanned stop due to my idiot a** getting off the train at the wrong stop), Zurich and Salzburg. It was great! I highly recommend Germany. I've been all over Europe and it's definitely my favorite place! Train travel is fun and scenic and since you are young, you can get cheaper fares. You'll have a great time with yourself, whatever you decide! Just a tip for travelling alone: make sure you've researched everything there is to do in the place. The first time I went anywhere alone I didn't really prepare and pretty much wandered aimlessly for like an entire day!
  15. Europe is great for travelling alone; the infrastructure is very good and when you want to join others then you can take part in a guided tour in every city that has something old and famous to see... and in Europe that's almost every city...

    Here's a link to where I live:

    Regina :tup: