traveller wallet/clutch

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  1. This style has been discontinued correct...and it came in 2 or 3 sizes (mini,?,giant)??? TIA!

    Just bought a BC City and have been officially bit by the Bal bug :P
  2. Are there any other clutches that have compartments? I like to be organized lol!
  3. Congrat!
    BC is such a nice colour :smile:

    Post pics!

    They started to make traveller again I believe as I saw them just previous season...not available in all colours though..
  4. It did come in two sizes. If you search threads, there's one w/pics of the mini and regular sized. The regular came w/regular and giant hw. Not sure about the mini.

    According to BalLV, the mini is discontinued.

    RDC has the regular, BagPassion has the mini.
  5. the balenciaga website still has the traveller for sale... but only in SGH or CGH i think... im not sure what is the size of it though.
  6. Hi ladies,

    I just bought a 2009 mini traveller from BagBorrowSteal---it is brand new and I love it! I'm just curious what the retail price was on the mini traveller from 2009? I have found conflicting prices---$400 up to $685---anyone know?
  7. The traveller sounds like something I might like...any idea where to look besides hgbags?
  8. I just bought the mini and can't wait to get it.
  9. I lucked out and found an anthracite/GSH clutch recently! Will have to do a reveal sometime soon.
  10. Anthracite is one of my fav color please post pics.
  11. I had both the Giant Traveller (Black GGH) and 3 Mini Travellers (Mandarine, Praline & Black). The Giant Traveller is quite large ... wonderful if you are truly traveling as it holds a lot of documents, etc. - however, it's really too big for everyday use.

    That's why I switched out to the Mini Traveller; I could use it for everyday in addition to some minor traveling. The Mini only came with regular hardware and retailed for $685.

    I'm now using a Sang Mini Money and have been contemplating a move to the "regular" Money as I need a little more room!