Traveling with YSL bags?

Aug 5, 2016
Hi Everyone!
Can someone please give me some suggestions. So I move a lot for my husbands work and I was wondering if there are any tips you guys can give me as to how I can travel with all my purses when moving. Should I put all my purses in one big box? And if I happen to travel via airplane, what do you guys think is the safest way to travel with all my purses? Should I put them in a box and check them in as luggage? Or should I just mail them? Any reply would help. Thank you!


Mar 22, 2008
Honolulu, Illinois
I would put the most expensive in your carryon and your husband's carryon and then ship insured the rest. If you have kids, use their carryon allotment. If your purses are stolen or damaged in checked luggage it's harder to make a claim. I know I've had bags opened up without the inspection notice and there's documented theft with airlines. At least if you mail them and something happens it's easier to file a claim so long as it's insured.


The Gimme-Queen
Nov 29, 2010
DCA via the DMV via NGA
Yeah, carryon is the way to go, not checked luggage. You might have to carry a few at a time, leave the rest for when next yourself or your DH travels to pick up (assuming you wouldn't want to send them in the mail).


Feb 4, 2010
Carry on for sure. I'm super paranoid when it comes to checking in my luggage..I hear horror stories of people's luggages getting "lost" and when they get it back certain things are missing.