Traveling with Your Balenciagas!

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  1. I was on the hunt for a Chocolate Weekender, and I finally found one on Ebay a couple of months ago, so here is her official unveiling. When I travel, I always use my small LV roll-on bag. The weekender will work perfect as my "handbag." I'll be able to put all of my stuff in it, including a couple of Balenciaga handbags. Hopefully no one in security will call me on it! I did sell my pewter weekender after buying the chocolate weekender. I really could not justify having two weekenders as I'm just not able to pull off carrying the weekender as a daily handbag. Some of TPF girls do carry them that way, and I think they look great carrying them. It just doesn't work for me though! I think the chocolate looks great with the LV colors!



  2. They are a perfect pair!!!!!! You are going to look gorgeous........congrats on a great find, lovelygarments, Enjoy!
  3. Cracker, how are you? How is school (slightly off topic)!
  4. Lovely, those bags look fantastic together. I've never carried a Bal bag on the plane because I'm worried about scratches and stains. However, you'll look fabulous with this pair! :yes:
  5. ^^^great! Thanks for asking. I'm looking forward to the end of this semester. I'm finding myself getting slightly distracted lately with shopping and tPF. Too many good sales lately!
  6. What a deep rich chocolaty brown color:drool:. And it looks so pretty with the LV luggage, what a nice combination :tup::yes::woohoo::love:
  7. Thanks Chuggie!!!! With the chocolate color, and the smooshiness factor, I think it will stand up pretty well to traveling - I'll be sure to put it in one of the plastic containers when it goes thru x-ray. However, if it does get stained, that will just be one of those things that happens when traveling. I'll feel a lot better traveling with this as compared to a seafoam weekender ala Hillary Duff!
  8. what gorgeous luggage!!! I got my weekender as a carryon bag too!! congrats!!
  9. Thank you, anotheremptysky! ^^^Great minds think alike! :tup: What color did you get?

    thanks DD101
  10. WOW, congrats Lovelygarments!!:yahoo: Absolutely love your Choc Weekender and LV roll-on!:love: You'll be a very stylish traveler! :tender::heart:
  11. Great pair - very stylish!
  12. Your choc weekender is gorgeous! I love it! Way better than a seafoam weekender a'la Hilary! How much does a weekender fit? The leather really does look beautiful, congratulations!
  13. I love both bags, especially together!
  14. oh LG that choco is mouth watering! and...I can't believe I am reading this topic at this very moment!!!

    this past week I took a trip, with Black GGH Work in tow, and I really started to think about how a Weekender might be a better/bigger travel bag!!! But, TPF was down and I couldn't research it at the time. Once I got home I kinda forgot - until I see this thread and here I go again!!! How does it compare to a Keepall 50?
  15. its beautiful ... congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!