Traveling With Your Bags


Mar 31, 2013
I personally would never pack a premier bag in luggage. I either carry it on as my handbag or put it in another larger bag as handbag. If in a carryon suitcase, I put it in the dust bag and stuff it with a few clothes / tee shirts rolled up inside.
Oh yes, no luxury items in the check-in luggage! It's just too much of a risk.
I'd take a large nylon or canvas tote, like Kipling, Tumi or LC, as my personal item and put my smaller bags in it in their dust bags. Just remember, you might have to check your hand luggage if the overhead bins are full. In that sense putting your luxury bags in your personal item makes sense.


Jan 26, 2022
I travel with them as handbags. Although it looks a bit weird if one carries 2-3 bags at the same time :biggrin: If possible you can store one of them in another, bigger bag. But still, the important thing is that you get to bring your favourite bags and that they stay intact! :smile:
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Jun 24, 2017
I’m trying to decide what to take in a vacation next weekend. My medium Loewe basket bag makes a brilliant carry out as long as its not just a bit big for hand luggage. It’s fine with most flight companies but not all. I then put a smaller day bag inside it. Usually something the carries crossbody and too handle. After that I’ll probably pack a nylon Kate Spade for beside the pool and possibly a really nice evening bag such as a Mulberry Lily. My house contents insurance that covers these items away from the house or I might worry a bit more about them being in my checked in bags!