Traveling with the Keepall 55 w/strap

  1. I am going away for 3 night/4 days. I would also bring my batignolles vertical (to store magazines, ipod, wallet, etc) and probably pack a Balenciaga for going out. Do you think all this would be a major PITA to carry on a plane? I do have layovers so I do not want to check my luggage if I can help it.

    Also, how well does a fully packed 55 fit in the overhead slot on the cabin?

    TIA! :smile:
  2. When I was stateside, I carried my Keepall with me to Dallas and New Orleans (they almost lost it in New Orleans). Anyways, it fits perfectly in the overhead bin, but may be difficult to maneuver when walking down an aisle...
  3. I travel with my 55, but I have to say that it does get pretty huge when stuffed to the full, so I'm always nervous that they're gonna tell me to check it in or something.. And yeah, I agree with dokturshoo, it does fit in the overhead bin, but can be a b**** to maneuver on board the plane.. if I knew what I know now, I'd probably have gotten a 45 or 50 instead, lol.
  4. Sweet love... have you ever considered the Speedy 40? I used it the last time I travelled... It was very nice...
  5. Not really, but I'm thinking of getting a speedy 35 as the 40 seems too big for everyday use and then maybe get a keepall 45 or a carryall. I really want a MC keepall, so then I could justify getting one as well :graucho:
  6. Last time I flew - person in front of me had a keepall 55 - they told her to check it. Technically, it is several inches too big to be a carryon - so if you get the wrong clerk, you are going to have to check it. I wouldn't try it because I would be worried about it cracking at the low temperatures that luggage gets to while flying, or about being stolen at the baggage claim area. I would only take one that fits the baggage specifications so that there would be no way they could force me to check it. 50 would be tops for that. I would probably go with a 45 to be sure.
  7. FYI: 50 is absolutely fine for an overhead--fits with plenty of room to spare.
  8. 51 inches is the limit with U.S. Airways for their larger flights. 45 is the limit for carryon on their express flights. So, if you take a 50 and part of your trip is on one of their smaller planes, you could still be forced to check your Keepall 50. Plus, you've only got one inch leeway for the big jets. If you get one of those nasty clerks (and we all know them, LOL!) you could find yourself arguing over the one inch.

    I would go with a 45 for the reason that it's sometimes difficult to know which size jet you may be flying on and they are well within their rights to follow the baggage claim policies on their website and as printed on their tickets.

    It's always a good idea to check the carryon specifications of whatever flight you are going on. It's just not a given that you would be able to take a 50 on all flights.

    Express Savers on U.S. Airways only allow the 45, so be careful with your lovely bags.
  9. I've traveled with my keepall 55 on several occasions. If it's only a weekend trip I usually have my 55, my school shoulder-bag, and my Gucci shoulder bag. It sounds like a ton to carry but I definitely manage.

    As far as the bulkiness of the 55 on board the plane: I usually just wait until the majority of the other passengers have gotten off the plane. The keepall fits in the overhead compartment but, it's true, it is larger than the carry-on specifications (but I couldn't live without it!).

  10. I just wanted to warn people - even if you have traveled with yours and gotten away with it, it might not always be possible - you may get stopped next time and have to check it.

    I would never want to come on here and tell people it's no problem when it is larger than the allowed limit and then see someone have their bag damaged, or lost, (or stolen - look at the baggage handlers that just got arrested at one of the Texas airports - they had taken over 150 bags) because someone hasn't had a problem in the past. The airlines have become more persnickity (as everyone knows), rather than less. All it takes is the clerk for your particular flight following the rules and your gorgeous bag is going to be thrown on a moving trolley, up into the bowels of the plane in baggage. It wouldn't do any good to be able to say - well "so and so on TPF travels with hers all the time." Or that "They let me all the other times."

    With the expense of these bags and the gorgeous vachetta, I wouldn't take the chance of trying to bring one too large for carryon specifications on to the plane and I would never recommend that anyone else do it - I would be too worried that my post would make someone go ahead and then their lovely bag would be damaged, lost or stolen. I would much rather warn people to protect their investment - better safe than SO SO sorry!
  11. I didn't mean to insinuate risking losing your any means. It's just that I have received several mixed messages. My SA told me that the 55 definitely fits in the overhead, and that there would be no problem...she even went as far to say that a lightly packed keepall 60 would fit in the overhead!!

    However, the keepall 55's dimensions add up to 43"...and most flight regulations allow dimensions up to 45"...and some even up to 55". I'm just saying that if/when a clerk gives me a hard time, I tell them the dimensions, and that I don't feel comfortable checking my bag. If the bag is subsequently subject to search...that's fine.

    I'm just saying that I couldn't travel without my keepall! If you want to be completely can call the airline, and they should be able to give you a maximum size that is permissible.
  12. I have been waiting to buy a 50 or 55. I have bought the 45 (it is a little small IMO). The SA told me that airlines do not accept 60. Sometimes not 55 as well. The only sure bet is 45 or 50. Just what I was informed of. ;)
  13. I called the airline before I posted to be sure of the dimensions they allow, and because I've been looking at keepalls for a graduation gift for my daughter. I was in Charlotte this week at the Boutique and my SA recommended the 45 so we wouldn't have trouble with the airlines.

    I just didn't want to come out and tell people to go ahead and then have it on my heart if something happened to someone's bag because of my post.

    I literally watched someone right in front of me be forced to check her Keepall 55 and she was crying and pleading with them to let her carry on the bag - it didn't do any good - the clerks were actually pretty mean to her. They didn't care one bit about the value of the bag. They told her either check it or don't fly. It was awful. I just don't want to see that happen to anyone else.

    There has been a lot of trouble in the US with baggage handlers lately (not just stealing out of bags) - but the bags themselves. The most recent in Texas - they found over 150 bags in the apartments of two of the baggage handlers.
  14. it'll depend on how much stuff you have in it really. as long as you can squish it into that frame thing they make you test your hand luggage in it should be fine. i think i'd get a 50 or 45 though, if only because i tend to load my bags to the max no matter how big they are.
  15. Well...

    I've carried mine both on stateside and overseas trips, without having to check. But when I did check it, the strap came back with an oil stain because I forgot to put it inside the bag!

    Like Charleston-mom said, it depends on the airline. The ticket attendant might be buggered on that day and make you check it.

    I definitely wish you the best...