traveling with prada?

  1. I am contemplating getting a saffiano lux tote as my work bag, which means that it will have to go on board flights etc. Given how dirty the security check lines can be and the likelihood of scuffing it, how do you carry/protect your prada when you travel? With my Chanel flaps because it is smaller I just put it in a large longchamp tote, but it doesn't seem possible with the lux tote!
  2. I always bring a sleeper/dust bag. Not Prada's though because they're white. I bring Gucci's :graucho:
    On security check, I lay the dust bag on to the plastic bin, then put my bag on it.
    On the plane, I do the same thing. I lay the dust bag on the floor underneath the seat in front of me, then I put my bag on it.
    Sometimes, I just put the bag inside the dust bag. It's more protected that way.
    When I get back home, I simply toss the dust bag in the washer.
  3. Great idea! What a genius!
  4. dust bag !
  5. i mean love the dust bag idea! never come up with it
  6. If you don't want to use your dust bag, you could use one of those reusable nylon bags-I usually carry one for shopping and have used it for this purpose when in a pinch.