Traveling with my Azur Berkeley

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  1. We went away a couple of weeks ago and I took my Azur Berkeley. I am happy to report that we flew to San Juan, PR (also the LV Boutique!!) and off on a cruise. The Berkeley is really a pleasure to carry. It's a perfect size, lightweight and holds tons. Coming back from London wasn't fun, but I decided I wasn't going to worry about the bag and I didn't. We used our new Keepall 50 and DH's Alexei. All three served us quite well. I believe that the Berkeley will be my go to bag for the spring and summer. It was scary taking it out the first time, but it had to be done!!
  2. This bag is sooo beautiful!! I would buy it if I could afford it now! I'm glad u really like it!!
  3. Wonderful bag. I'm glad you got to take her out.
  4. Ah, so nice to know that the azur Berkeley was not such a hassle to carry around after all with all that vachetta. Good to know! I hope you had a great vacation!!
  5. I'm so glad that you are enjoying the Berkely!
  6. Sounds like the perfect travel bag!
  7. That bag is at the top of my list! I LOVE IT! I really enjoyed your post too as that would certainly be a bag I would want to treasure from its box and would be so hard for me to use!!!! I love that you traveled everywhere with it and that it worked out for you soooo well! LOVE IT!
  8. You are very brave! I adore the bag, but am too frighten to buy it because of all that vachetta! Good on you :smile:
  9. Ahhh I remembered your post before you went for the cruise. Hope you enjoyed your trip. So happy that you took the azur berkeley along...I am also having lots and lots of joy carrying my Azur Berkeley...with all the vachetta, it can be quite worrying mentally but actually, it is not that bad..I do tell myself not to worry about carrying it. just enjoy azur has acheived light patina. How about yours after the trip?

    I love my berkeley and it is also the GO GO bag for all year round..So happy to hear your report ;)
  10. The patina didn't seem to change too much. It really never saw the light of day! I used it on the plane to and from. I carry another bag in port, but we didn't get off the ship much.
    The trip wasn't too great. We encountered very rough seas and high winds and then I got sick and DH got sick. We had to go to the ship's hospital for fluids. Pretty bad. The high point in all of it was that we departed from Heathrow Terminal 3 and I have strayed to the Orange side...
  11. Glad you make good use with your bag. Money well spent.
  12. It's always scary to use a brand new bag especially one with vachetta! It's a stunning bag btw!
  13. So sorry to hear about your trip -- it happens. Now that you are back, you will forget abt the sick period. I am sure your high point makes it memorable. ;)

    Anyway, maybe we should post our berkeley together know just to check out the condition since so many tpfers on this forum get worried about vachetta and since our azur has got alot of vachetta, it would be interesting to see the progress...heh heh.