Traveling with more than one H bag?

  1. How do u do it? Do u pack them in your luggage? Carry-on? What if the luggage gets lost?? Paranoia kicking in!!!!!
  2. carry on. otherwise make sure it's insured if you're going to pack it. good luck.
  3. what if u're taking with u more than one birkin..??
  4. ^^one birkin, u use it. the other, put inside the dustbag, place in luggage underneath the clothes. if the luggage gets lost, don't blame anyone else. okie, u can blame the airport staff but the blame shld be on ourselves coz' we're the one who make the decision 2 bring more than 1 birkin. it's akin 2 wearing lots of diamonds to a remote area. certain things in life, wafaya, u must be able 2 take the risk.
  5. Hi Wafaya, it's nice to 'see' you back here. When I think Wafaya, I think potiron JPG shoulder birkin :graucho:

    I am not one who travels with several bags but I know I will know what to do when I should travel with more than one Birkin. Assuming that luggage handling loss or theft is not an issue you need to consider, what I'd do if I were you, is to get a small hard case luggage bag. Stuff your birkin with a small cushion, and leave it inside its dustbag. Place your birkin or birkins inside this hard case luggage bag, and cushion the sides, top and bottom with some of your clothes. Viola!

    I would like to hear what some of you do ....:yes:
  6. ^^similar method as mine. but mine is a larger size, to stuff my clothes 'n' dh's clothes + his kelly lakis.;)
  7. Wafaya.. Its so good to see your posts again.. welcome back :flowers:

    If its a direct flight i pack them in my luggage between my cloth well cushioned!!..If transit flight..then i get a carry-on put two birkins (forexample) facing eachother with all the plastic inside to make sure they don't get squeezed.:upsidedown:

    So... where are you going?? :graucho:
  8. For a recent trip, I packed my 30cm Birkin and my 28 Retourne Kelly into my Les Pliages carry-on without any issue. I used the Birkin to house all my purse items and put the Kelly in its dustbag and both fit nicely into the Les Pliages which fits over my shoulder so I didn't have to check in my bags. For an upcoming trip I may try my 35cm and the 28 Kelly.
  9. when travelling, I usually tote my birkin/kelly as a carry on and I only try to pack a JPG kelly clutch for formal dining outs and store that with the rest of my check-in clothing. I try to stay away from bringing another birkin/kelly in another color! hope that helps!
  10. When I travel with 2 H bags, I use one and put the other one in the carry on luggage. I am a bit paranold at checking in my H bags :shame:
  11. Put the smallest inside its dustbag, inside the bigger one inside its dustbag inside a Longchamps tote?
  12. I'd only take 2 if both can fit as carry on. BIG risk to check and if something should happen the airline has a set limit (very small) of what they will reimburse per checked bag. Plus, if it is lost (and even if you did get reimbursed the full amount), how long would it take to replace with the exact same thing?
  13. I would never check-in any H bag Birkin size. I've had baggage lost (twice, returned tome the next day and once never to be seen again) Can you imagine having to wait a day or two for delayed baggage with your gorgeous Birkin inside of it? :sad: No thanks to that stress! Make sure you somehow carry it on or don't bring it. Just my 2 cents :smile:
  14. I would only take what I can carry. And when I've been on a Birkin hunt while traveling I purposely do not take any large Hermes bag so that I can return with the new bag as carryon. I too have had items lost - they were returned to me with ripped seams on the suitcases and crushed corners. Thankfully nothing that I could not replace was lost or broken - but it is 'traveler beware' as far as these things go. The airline is not particularly caring about this.

    Case in point, they lost 1 of my 2 car seats on a recent trip. There were no car rental agencies that had an extra for me to rent and the airline personnel were very nonchalant and frankly uncaring about my having to get in a car with an infant without a carseat. It was very infuriating. The carseat turned up 2 days later after we'd spent money on a new one.
  15. here is a question. Say you are in a you leave your birkins where? I know at nice hotels you don't have to worry as much...but do you gals leave your bags in the hotel