traveling with makeup brushes?

  1. I am a flight attendant and so of course I am traveling all the time. I just invested in some really nice makeup brushes and I am looking for a way to travel with them - all the time.

    I am looking at makeup bags and have to consider this isn't a temporary home for my brushes but that they are going to spend the majority of their time in this bag. I have seen some that have A) little slots to slide brushes into and the brushes are out in the open (inside the bag). B) have pockets that I would have to cram brushes into but atleast they wouldn't be touching anything else.

    Or is it best to roll my brushes up in something and just place that in the makeup bag?

    I feel like my brushes need air to keep from getting bacteria. Is that totally wrong?
  2. My makeup brushes are in a hard cylindrical case that closes with a little strap and snap. It protects them and doesn't take up much room. It was from Bobbi Brown, as are most of my brushes. I don't think exposing them to air or not is important, as long as you wash them and allow them to air dry every week or so.
  3. Sephora carries all kinds of cute travel accessories, plus they have some retractable brushes which are really quite nice.
  4. I just put mine in a ziploc bag and hope for the best. If you are concerned about air getting to them, maybe you could use those bags with the slider, they never seem to close all the way and air would get in. Or just get one of those makeup bags with the zipper on top that is a good size for brushes. I don't think that would be airtight depending on the fabric it's made from.
  5. I saw a case like this at Sephora (their brand I think). This case is on their web site and looks like what I saw in the store. I have a set of travel brushes from Chanel that came in their own hard case. I don't know that air makes a difference, but I think having them in something rigid so that they don't get smooshed is important.
  6. LEMONDROP, Mac has a great brush bag, I have one and it's great. It has enough compartmens for you to put in them in individually. If you are afraid of bacteria, make sure you clean them before you put them away. I do it all the time and it only takes a few minutes... And most importantly your brushes won't lose their shape while in the bag.....
  7. I usually carry travel-sized brushes by Bobbi Brown with me and have a couple of cases that came with them. Both are pouches that have little slots for each brush. Keeps the brushes from getting too dirty and helps retain their shape. Bobbi Brown sells them separately but they also generally have great deals on sets, particularly over the holidays.

    Although it's a good idea to keep your brushes clean, washing them too often may cause them to shed and can shorten their lifespan. The SA at Bobbi Brown advised thorough cleaning (brush cleaner or gentle shampoo) once a month then allowing to air dry. Some of my brushes have been around for >5 years and are still in great condition.
  8. I have amassed quite a collection of pricey brushes and I just invested in a brush roll from MAC. It really keeps them nice and they are easily accessible.

  9. i second the MAC brush roll.. i have 2 and they're awesome!
  10. Sephora does have great traveling brush holders. However, my brushes travel in zip lock bags.
  11. I have a soft vinyl type brush roll I take with me. Believe it or not. Walmart usually sells them dirt cheap around the holidays with brushes..I just either give the bruses away or toss them and keep the roll. It has a bunch of different slots, my brushes dont touch eachother and it rolls up great for travel. If anything spills on it, I just wipe it clean. And its cheap enough to replace if you need to. Bobbi Brown and Smashbox also make kabuki brushes with their own little tote. I love the soft Bobbi Brown kabuki brush!
  12. I have a brilliant Bobbi Brown travel set in a soft, malleable leather case that serves me perfectly. Highly recommended if she still offers it in her range - I bought it a few years ago, so it may no longer be around.
  13. I don't use brushes, I uses my fingers, q-tips, and 1-2 sponges. But I'm a spartan when it comes to make-up.. Since your job requires to put on full make up then you should invest on a good travel set. I think MAC is a good choice.