Traveling with LV

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  1. Hellloo! Seeking the advice of the stylish, being why I came here.. Its my first time on the Purse Blog Forum.. :biggrin:
    I just wanted to get your opinions, on whether or not its in good taste to travel with 2 Louis Vuitton bags (on your body) at the same time..
    I am off to Kaua'i, and plan on taking my Odeon GM and my Carryall, both with the same pattern.. The only time I'll be wearing both bags is in the airport.. what do you think?? Good? or too much? or shall I leave my Carryall at home? has anyone else traveled with their Carryall found problems with taking it on the plane as a carry on bag? does it fit well in the overhead compartments?
    Thanks in advance..
  2. I use two bags all the time! An LV purse and a laptop bag on workdays. Or when traveling, a purse or tote and a piece of luggage. Sometimes they are of the same print, some times they're not. I have no problem mixing things up! There are photos in my collection thread of both the mixing and matching.

    I'm not sure of the size of the carryall but I do know that the Keepall 55 is considered a carry-on and fits in the overhead bins. I'm thinking it's slightly bigger than the carryall so I am assuming that you're good.
  3. You will be fine. It is done all of the time.
  4. its totally fine!
  5. So fine!! isn't that why they sell "matching luggage"? My friend feels the same way as you, she is always embarrassed to travel with all her Vuitton luggage, she feels like she is "showing off", so silly!! And when she goes out with her Chanel bag, she turns the CC logo to the inside facing her so no one can see it! I am not getting it!
  6. As long as you're not checking or packing any LV bags, you're fine! Over Christmas, one of my connecting flights going to Rhode Island from Florida was on a really small plane and the overhead bins were soooo tiny- they made everyone check any bag that was bigger than a tiny suitcase. And we didn't have a choice!
  7. Then why buy them in the first place?? lol

    if i had a chanel bag, i would make sure EVERYONE knows it!!

    LMAO! JK
  8. Totally fine! I always travel w/a rolling suitcase and a bag. My dh always has an LV messanger bag and a keepall.

    You'll look great!
  9. I have the Mono Carryall. It definitely fits in the overhead bin, as well as tucked under the seat in front of you. I've thought about getting the Mono Totally as an additional bag to tote stuff through the airport, so I know where you're coming from.

    The only thing I have a hang up about is when I'm carrying my LV and I'm sitting in coach :shame: I'm self conscious of it because I'm carrying this "expensive" bag(s) and I'm sitting in my cramped, discount seat, LOL!

    But if you're not a self-conscious person, ROCK IT! I love seeing people in airports with their nice bags. It's soo chic.
  10. I think it would be fine! We're getting ready to take a big trip in August and I plan to be taking two Mono Print LV's on the plane with me, and I think it will be fine, I don't think it will be too much at all!
  11. ALL THE TIME!!!! Every time I traveled to and from my home and university, I would carry both my Keepall 55 and my Speedy 35. To me, they're basically the same bag but a different size, and I loved being totally Louis Vuittoned out!
  12. Go for it! You'd look so stylish! :tup:
  13. You'll be fine. I travel with my Reporter PM and Keepall 60 all the time.
  14. You'll look good then. I traveled overseas with my LVs several times that made me feel good.

  15. I just traveled with two bags. No problems here.