Traveling with LV?

  1. So I am going to a wedding in September and I have purchased a LV keep-all. And I am a little nervous that this is going to get "lost" AKA stolen, while I am traveling. Has anyone had any problems traveling with their LV suitcases and stuff? Please let me know? Am I just overly paranoid?
  2. I would use it as a carry on bag. Im planning also to get the keepall 55 and its better if its close to you.
  3. I also would use it more as a carry on bag. No way am I going to let my baby leave my sight!
  4. So far I have travelled with my pegase 50, keepall 50 and Deauville. All of them I took with me in the cabin. I forced my boyfriend to hold the keepall, while I took the pegase and Deauville (as a handbag item). I have no worries when I have them with me as carry on.

    My mom checked in a vintage vuitton hard side suitcase from Nice to Copenhagen and there was no trouble.
  5. Carry on. I would be far too scared to leave it on its own.The whole of my flight i would be worrying about it.
  6. I would only use it as a carry on piece. Also you may want to search for other threads, there are many already started on this topic that will have very helpful info for you.
  7. whenever I travel I always bring my keepall. never check it, I take it as a carry on bag.
  8. I have my Original LV mono Keepall 50 and have used it hundred of times. It didn't get lost or stolen.

    One thing though...I would not let my LV Bags "Check-it-in". I'm a flight attendant, so I've seen LV bags get re-routed/stolen or lost!

    (except for those passengers who claims thier FAKE LV were REAL and cannot check it in....My fellow co-worker just had this situation last week...she had to say.."Yeah, you can check it in. no problem...your fake bag will make it..I was like..:yes:)

    Also, If your travelling into a place where bag "snatcher" at the baggage claim roams around..especially countries where there are poor people (3rd world...Is that even a word that existed nowadays?...I wont name countries..but it's in Asia) I would HOLD ON into my LV bag tightly, like I did when I went a few years ago. I was warned by travellers to "Hold-On" to my bag and keep an eye watch on luggages)

    Otherwise...ENJOY your keepall, It's a classic and it will LAST you a long time.
  9. Carry on
  10. you should have no problems with it as a carry on. have fun on your trip!
  11. Carryon is a blast!
  12. I only take my LV luggage when travelling with the car I would never ever check into luggage on flight. Too many horror stories. I have keepall 45 so can take it into cabin but haven't even been doing that recently as with security alerts you never know when they will stop you.
  13. I check all my luggage, I have never had any problems. People will steal, whether its Vuitton or Tumi. All my pieces have lots of scuff marks from being thrown around, but you have to remind yourself it's just luggage.:cool:
  14. Definitely a carry-on. I didn't pay a lot of money for my luggage just to be tossed around :graucho:.