Traveling with luxury goods- Airport Customs

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  1. I've traveled abroad before but have never brought luxury goods with me. So I'm leaving for Italy tomorrow and want to bring some some designer goods with me, as I'm meeting up with some affluent friends that like in the EU and would love to dress to up.

    I'm pretty sure every time I've returned to the USA I've gotten searched, and never had any problems but again never had anything valuable. Should I try and dig up receipts for each item so I can prove I brought them in the states? I want to bring a couple Burberry scarves and either my Louis Vuitton or Chanel bag.
  2. You probably won't need to bring receipts with you unless you're carrying a super expensive exotic bag. I've carried about 2-3 designer bags with me when I traveled to Europe and have never had any problems returning home. The customs agent didn't even turned an eye and I've worn LV, Chanel and Hermes (evelyn).
  3. If it's not an exotic there shouldn't be any issues.