Traveling with laptop

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  1. I got a new laptop this week and I'm really excited to finally have it for my trips, it's going to save me a ton on vacation phone charges bc I can email people rather than call or text but I was talking with my mom and she says for the plane to take it in my carry on with me. My problem with that though is that I don't carry a traditional "carry on" with me lilke some people do. My carry on is more of a satchel size bag with just the things I need to amuse myself on the plane (books, magazines, ipod, coloring book) and the important things I need for when I land (passport, addresses, phone numbers etc) so a laptop wouldn't fit. Especially bc the one I got is pretty big, it's a 17'' (I wanted 15'' but they were out). I also don't feel like going through security with it because it'll take that much longer since they make you turn it on, etc. I was planning on just putting it in one of my suitcases, like protected in the case and cushioned by my clothes but my mom thinks that's a bad idea. I don't know I really don't want to carry it on the plane, what do you think?
  2. Personally, I wouldn't put in my suitcase. I would carry it with me. I used to have a 17 inch laptop that I would travel with (and yes it was a pain).
    The baggage handling process is pretty rough on luggage, not to mention not super secure. Generally, when I travel, I don't put anything in my checked luggage that I wouldn't want to lose.
  3. I don't think I've ever put my laptop in my checked in luggage, even when I had a 15-inch heavyweight (one of the reasons why I switched to a 13-inch, travel-friendly laptop). I always put it a cushioned case in my backpack, which is usually the only carry-on I bring. I'd be afraid my luggage would get lost or delayed, and I've also had things stolen from inside my luggage before when traveling internationally so I don't think it's very secure.
  4. Your mom is right - that's a bad idea. Checked-in baggage get crushed and thrown around...not to mention searched. You wouldn't want your laptop crushed, thrown around or searched, right? When is the store getting 15" laptops? It makes a huge difference not only size-wise but also weight-wise. I have a 15" laptop and I'm wishing I bought a 13" one instead.
  5. there's no way i'd ever check in my laptop :faint: i'd actually not fly if they tried to make me do it, my whole life is in it. they don't make you turn it on, and if you have it on sleep if they do want to you can just open the lid. i have a 17" too and i don't mind the weight but some people might. it's about the same weight as the 15" one i had for three years which was a pleasant surprise!
  6. NEVER check your laptop.

    You can actually take a personal bag and a laptop bag as a carry on, on most major airlines.
  7. if you're going to bring a laptop, you have to take it with you as carryon. tsa actually prohibits laptops from being checked in.

    besides, it's not a huge hassle. they don't make you turn on your laptop at security anymore. i haven't had that happen to me since shortly after 9/11. you just put it in a bin to be xrayed.
  8. Thanks for the tips guys :smile: I guess I'll try and find a bigger carry on so that I can fit it in there with my other stuff. I do feel better about having it in my sight the whole time I'm just not looking forward to lugging it around
  9. I've heard of the luggage handlers taking out expensive technology out, and keeping it for them self. I have never had it happened to me, yet, but thats because my laptop goes in my carry on, which is also a satchel. Have you thought about just carrying it?
  10. ^ Yeah I can always carry it by itself in a case but I'm extremely clumsy so I don't trust myself lol I think I'll start the search now for a bigger sized carry on that can fit all my stuff along with it
  11. Definitely don't check it - take it on board with you, together with any other valuables like jewellery or a camera.
  12. definitely don't check it.. the air in the luggage area of the plane is freezing and will drain/kill your battery. Carry it with you, whether in your purse or just in your arm. This will make security super easy and no one is going to run up and steal it from you in the airport. Planes are also getting really good at having charging stations on planes now, hurray!
  13. -definitely, almost every airline will allow lap top bags to be brought without even counting them as a carry one sometimes (they want your business!). good point TD!
  14. Lady Stardust, check out the Verb Fuse 20” carry-on computer upright ( from Briggs and Riley. It’s one of their most popular products and fits your requirements nicely. The carry-on suitcase has a removable computer sleeve and an organizer section that can practically serve as a mobile office. The product is currently sold out online, but you can buy it from a nearby store. They also have another 20” carry-on computer upright ( in their Baseline collection. The style is discontinued, but they are selling it on their website at a discount right now. Check and see if it’s something that interests you.
  15. Carry it on. You don't want to lose it.