Traveling with kids

  1. Anyone have any suggestions or helpful tips. We're taking a 5 hour plane ride with our 13 month old DS. He's never flown before and I'm a little nervous as to how he's going to react, particularly about being strapped into his car seat for the whole time. He's not fully walking yet so there's really no where for him to practice or crawl.
  2. I bet he'll be fine! My DD was so easy to travel with even at that age.
    My tip, bring a TON of distractions; snacks, portable DVD player, etc. . . but at that age, it's likely he'll nap a little too.
  3. I have travelled with my kids plenty of times and it is not easy, but he definitley doesn't need to be strapped to the car seat for the whole time. I agree bring plenty of distractions and a DVD player if he can watch for any length of time.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I'm probably worrying over nothing. We have some DVDs we can bring and I'm going to bring some of his favorite small toys and snacks. Hopefully he'll sleep for a while too.
  5. You could also bring a few toys he's never seen before, to keep it even more interesting for him.
  6. Of course there will be room for him to practice! My daughter is only 2.5 months old, but from what I've seen traveling back and forth between the US and Germany, many moms let their kids out in the isles (accompanied, of course!) during the flight. I always thought it was very sweet to see a child practicing to walk with his mom. Since your flight will be relatively long (any stops on the way??) I would try and request to be in the "baby isle", meaning the very first row in Coach (if you're flying coach). They have more foot room, so you can place your baby on the floor and allow him to play for a little bit.

    Do bring snacks, books, toys, and whatever else entertains him! Try not to think of it as a negative experience - the more you think of it as one, the more it will be one!
  7. If he still takes a bottle, wait to give it to him as the plane is taking off. Not only does it seem less scary, but the sucking helps with ear troubles. Have a good time...
  8. Thanks again. I gues I can let him try his walking. I was concerned for his safety in trying to navigate the aisles as well as the general cleanliness of the plane.
    I hope I didn't sound negative about this. I'm just new at this and since this is our first air travel experience I am a bit nervous for his comfort.
  9. you[re fine! Traveling w/ little ones is intimidating! Expecially if it's ababy who isn't used to it!

    One piece of advice, GATE CHECK YOUR stroller if they'll let you get through security w/ it, then you can keep him in it while you wait to board and it'll be the first thing off the plane and you can promptly put him back in before you ever go get your bags!
  10. I have a 4 year old DS (who's great on planes) and a 2 1/2 year old DD who is a BEAST on planes. To keep her busy, I bring a lot of bubbles, play doh, DVD player, and lots of non-sticky finger foods such as cheerios, pretzels, and....for emergency tantrum situations, Dum Dum lollipops. I also buy cheapie, small toys from Walgreen's and surprise her with them on the plane.

    You kinda have to lower your parenting standards a bit when traveling by plane....i.e., if you don't believe in TV, scrap that and let your child watch a DVD. If you don't believe in candy, scrap that and let him have a lollipop if he's inconsolable. While traveling, exceptions to rules are OK in order to keep the peace (and your sanity).

    Prior to the trip, make sure your kid is well-rested. Bring an extra change of clothes for him and yourself. Make sure you yourself are rested. And when all else fails, be ready to buy drinks for the passengers around you! Good luck!
  11. i don't have any kids but bring along a portable dvd player and pop in a movie, bring toys, snacks, etc.
  12. Tons of great advice already in this thread!!!

    Just remember to have your child swallow (offer a bottle or a juice box) when taking off and landing. This helps with ear pressure.
  13. I just traveled last November when my daughter was 11 months and this month when my son turned 6 months. Both were 5 hour flights and it was fine. Just remember to bring lots of snacks, drinks, change of clothes, diapers, wipes, favorite pillow or blanket and toys.

    I played with baby a lot until the flight and held off on giving any milk until take off and then again when we were landing. It helps with babies ears and made ours very hungry and then sleepy with his full tummy. I agree with checking your stroller in at the gate. You get to use it at the airport right up to the airplane door and then you get it just as you exit the plane. Makes it so easy. Also, lots of parents take their babies out and let them stretch their legs, walk/crawl around a little, and even carry them around a bit. No one got upset and most people thought they were cute.

    Don't stress out and enjoy having your little one go on his first trip.
  14. This is exactly what i do.. First thing i do is pack their bag.. a week before our scheduled flight.. then i get them (twin girls here) back bag filled with:

    - drawing book
    - crayons
    - lollipop
    - chewing gum
    - little dol with extra outfits for them to dress her (this is really good one, it keeps them busy for a long time LOL

    So i keep the back bag with me, and every time i feel they're bored or they're about to make a big fuss, i get something out!! It works very well!!
  15. ^how old are your girls?
    Are they frat or ID?
    LOVE to see more swanky Mommies of twins! :biggrin: