Traveling with Jewelry?

  1. Starting in January I will be traveling a lot on the weekends for work and I do not know how to pack my jewelry. Now, I do not have a lot of expensive pieces, just a lot of items that I pick up here & there. But how do I pack my necklaces so that they do not tangle together? How do I pack my earrings so they do not separated & lost?

    Any suggestions? TIA! :flowers:
  2. There are some good travel cases for jewelry. They have special clapses for necklaces to prevent them from tangling. I can't really suggest any, but saw some at the Bombay company and Restoration Hardware.
  3. Smythson of Bond Street has some lovely jewellery cases for travelling, very elegant but a little pricey.but they're classics!
  4. to keep them from getting tangled, thread a drinking straw on your necklaces and clasp it. as for earrings, i clasp one inside the other. if they're hoops, it's easy....clip one over the other so they're interlocked. with studs, just thread one post through the butterfly back of the other one and then put the back on the post. i don't wear dangly ones though, so i don't have any ideas for that. those are the only tricks i know.

    most places from wal*mart to Saks sell travel jewelry cases and rolls. would be worth taking a look at. i personally just use a spare tiffany's pouch, but i don't travel with much jewelry.
  5. Thank you guys soooo much for the information!

    Passerby...I really like that Jewerly Roll, it comes in pretty colors!!

    ilzabet...The straw idea is perfect!! I will use that until I get a holder for them all.

    Minami...Is Smythson of Bond Street in San Diego? I go up to San Diego quite often.

    Thank you! :flowers:
  6. ^ No, it's a London (UK) company:

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    I think it's a really good idea to get a suede/suede lined jewellery case/roll, as suede grips the pieces.

    Also, try not to jumble your pieces up, or let one piece come in contact with another; to avoid damage. :biggrin: