Traveling with Hermes...

  1. So, DH and I travel yearly to Italy for business and pleasure. Sometimes we meander to other destinations while we're at it. I usually take an HCL leather backpack, a non-descript carry-on that stowes under the seat and a roll-on for the over head. What would you recommend for an H under-seat carryon that I wouldn't worry about AND something wonderful to replace the HCL backpack with?????

  2. Check out their Acapulco line! Nylon, lightweight, highly functional, and the carry-on has wheels. This is one I would have no problem throwing on the carousel at baggage claim.
  3. second this and it also comes in red btw :lol:
  4. Acapulco tote or a Garden party for a carry-on and a Kelly 32 in Chevre for a fabulous day-into evening bag, or an Evelyne GM?
  5. I've never seen the Acapulco line....I THINK though they have some at the H store in San Fran. Maybe I'll get my sick rear in gear and take a little exploritory trip into the city today and check it all out.....hmmmmm. I'll leave the checkbook at home.
  6. oh ands omething to think about
    i always wanted a luggage set in rouge vif but skipped the idea of buying it after my experiences of how bags look like after a flight.
    i was used to have very nice luggage and carryons but i almost fainted after our first flight with it how it looked. horrible no matter how you try to take care of it :cry:
    so just get a nice"on-board"handbag (garden party for example ) and save the luggage money for your next purse instead ;)
  7. hi, I have on occasion used the garden prty in the amazonia rubber, and also a 37cm bolide. both fit well, and held up without damage.
  8. I'd love to check out the Acapulco line more closely! They do feature the sling in the latest Le Monde.
  9. I'm with you! I'd buy a set of large H or LV luggage only if I had a private jet. Otherwise, you could never use it! But...a nice carryon - of course!
  10. Sorry to be a wet rag. Leave the Hermes of any kind at home. I always try to look nice when I travel, but I don't have to prove anything to anyone on the road. I am still getting over a little incident during my trip to Italy last year when our Hartman matching luggage caused comments from complete strangers, all American BTW. I never carry a designer handbag during daytime jaunts. I will tuck in a small nice design. clutch for evening and that is it, but NO HERMES!!
  11. I wouldn't buy designer luggage unless I had a private jet... When I see what they did to my heavy plastic (we're talking 5mm thick plastic here)... Wouldn't want that to happen to any leather items or stuff I really spent a lot of money on.

    But fs@#!k anyone who comments on my luggage if I had really nice, matching stuff.
  12. It was just the two of us against lots of them. We were on a ferry boat. No where to go except over the side. I've used this luggage for years and on many trips abroad and never had any comments. I mean, it's nice luggage, but it's not vintage LV:P I would never spend this much on luggage again simply because of what the airlines do to it:sick:
  13. guys do make a point. I have a pretty nice black Tumi carryon that fits nicely under the seat in front of me so....ok. No Hermes luggage for me. I'll save my dough for another HANDBAG!!!!!

    Thanks again, guys!
  14. good idea shopmom!! Buy something IN Italy....(I'm sooo envious!! I hope you can still get on tPF while there!!)
  15. just a question...doesnt the accapulco line has this great totes with the hhhhh logo all over the handles and trim?? and all in nylon and cotton?? just trying to get a clear picture in my head....