Traveling with Chanel

  1. Hi, I ordered a navy baby Cabas that arrived this week and I want to take it to the Caribbean because it holds so much. But now I'm wondering if it's safe to leave it in the hotel while I'm on the beach. What do you think? Should I take it or leave it home?
  2. Probably just me being a worry-wart but I tend not to travel with anything that would crush me if it got lost/damaged/stolen :crybaby: , even though there are room safes etc. -- I'll take a nice bag or 2 on vacation but not my favorites, and the good jewelry stays in the safe deposit box -- I bring my best fun stuff and have a small diamond eternity band and that's it. As my kids get older and busier vacations are really special down-time and it just frees me up not to have to worry about my stuff.
  3. It really depends which hotel and where in the Caribbean you are staying. When I went to Barbados, I was sure glad I left all my expensive bags, shoes, jewelry because even with staying at the Four Seasons, the balconies are left open for airing out (few places have air conditioning) and your room is exposed. Secondly, the Caribbean is such a laid back place so there's no need to bring nice things- it's not like Palm Beach where ladies had LV flats for pool lounging. I bring my Coach bags on Caribbean trips.
  4. Oh, and another you want to risk a scratch on your navy baby Cabas. I sure wouldn't!!! When traveling, there are so many incidences which may lend to scratching. Please leave the baby behind.
  5. O.K. I will leave the baby home safe and sound and have a carefree vacation! I'm going to Puerto Rico and I think I would just worry about it when it was out of my sight, especially since it's brand new. Thanks!
  6. I would not bring anything expensive that may get lost or stolen. I would be too upset if something was to happen to it. Better to be safe than sorry.
  7. Take it with you and then put it in your suitcase while you are out on the beach. Take a small lock with you and lock up the suitcase. There is nothing I love better than taking a fabulous trip with a fabulous bag!!!
  8. Good choice!
  9. Since my Chanel was bought while I was on vacation I had to figure out what to do with it when I wasn't wearing it. So, I also locked it in my suitcase for safekeeping. But I gotta tell you, I was very nervous about leaving it there in the room.
  10. i only would bring 1 designer bag at a time when i m traveling, just because you never know who is going to enter your room when you are gone :sad:

    Even for my laptop, I locked it into my suitcase, just becoz i hv so much stuff on it that i dun wanna lose it or got "misplaced"by hotel staff
  11. Leave the Chanel at home..bring a beach type bag.....
  12. I am heading to Europe for about 2 weeks, and planning on bringing some Chanel bags. However, I remember reading somewhere on tPF that the customs may demand a proof that those bags were purchased outside of Europe.....

    Could anyone help clarifying this for me ??

    Thanks!! :tup:
  13. I heard that as well...maybe you can have customs look at what you have before leaving the country, so that way you don't get penalised for it when you return..
  14. i have never ran into this problem. But the last time I was overseas was in May 07. Sorry I couldn't be of more help!
  15. I think it depends on the customs people at the country you are returning to and whether you are lucky / unlucky...

    Some countries only allow you to bring in a tiny amount (cost-wise) of "souvenirs" and you may have to pay extra duty on top of that.

    Where are you are travelling to and from and which airport will you come through with your Chanel goodies? then google for further info re duty.

    Keep all receipts just in case.