Traveling with bags...please don't laugh...

  1. Is anyone else like me? I have a complete inability to pack lightly, and when you factor in the bags I "need" to take, well...I've got a problem.

    I was thinking of taking several bags with me on an upcoming trip to Florida. Do you think if I "stuff" them with things I'm going to wear, and then put them in their dustbags and place them in my luggage, that they'll be OK? Anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks!
  2. I think it should depend on how long you going to be there. I try to limit myself to 2-3 bags. But you just just put them in their dustbags and then into your luggage I guess. There's not much else you can do.
  3. Huh...I never thought to stuff them with the clothes you're packing! That's an ingenious idea. Saves space AND keeps the bag's shape. I usually only take 2 bags at most--one for day and a clutch for evening--but it depends on the length of your trip. Anything over a week and you can get away with bringing more bags. Unless you're packing sharp instruments they should be OK inside their dustbags.
  4. Depends how long you are going to be in Florida., but, when I leave Florida, I only take 2 bags, and both go with me, not in the luggage I check in. I usually take either a Jumbo or Gst or Cerf on me, and take a nylon longchamp with a second bag inside on the plane with me., I am afraid of the luggage being lost or stolen, but I guess i am just a little anal.....usually the second bag I take is smaller and I use it for dinners, etc.. The nylon longchamp, (not a pliage but a large shopper with leather straps) comes in quite handy for sporty outings, shopping, etc. I usually only take one color shoes and bags on trips, almost always black. For Florida you could bring down one bright happy color bag and one neutral. Don't pack too much, you won't use it all.:heart:H

  5. Yeah, I'm going to be there for 2 weeks, so I was thinking I'd take 3. I guess if I pack them carefully, they won't get damaged.
  6. my last trip was a 4 day weekend in fl and i brought 3 bags with me :smile: oops...but like you suggested, i stuffed them and kept them in my carry-on
  7. I try to take only two bags with me. A normal size one for day and a small (clutch, pochette, etc) bag for evenings/night's out. But whatever bags I bring travel with me. Nothing that I value (bags, jewelry, electronics) goes in my luggage.
  8. Great tip from knasarae, once you lose your luggage and have to go through the hell of trying to get reimbursed you'll know that this is the best advice! But here's what happened to me, I didn't lose any luggage but - since you can't lock your bags anymore - my LV pochette was taken out of my suitcase! I had stuffed it with dirty socks and underwear (!) and layered it in between some clothes, when I opened up my suitcase after I came home the pile of dirty socks and underwear was there but no LV!!! I had to claim it with the airline, luckily I bought it on eLuxury so I had a receipt but when they reimbursed me they actually reimbursed the depreciated value. :yucky:
  9. This is a good point! I may have to rethink this...

  10. So they just...stole...your pouchette?! I...I have no words on how horrible that is! Yet another reason why I never, ever check my luggage. I can pack an amazing amount of things into just the one carry-on and one "personal item" that they allow. I'd rather FedEx my things to wherever I'm going than check!
  11. thats what im so scared of i havent travelled in a long time and i am going to California for vacation soon and i have been thinking about my bags and i have decided i have to carry a carryon thats big enough for my few bags im taking cause im terrified of my luggage being lost with my bags inside, that would be horrible!
  12. I do what Habanerita does... well, first of all I almost soley pack carry on baggage for my entire trip, so my one carry on is my actual luggage, and the other is a longchamp or herve tote that I keep all my other purses in, jewelry, and entertainment for the flight... sometimes the run out of room with carry ons and make people check them, so at least that way I'm OK checking my other piece of luggage.

    Try to stick with certain colors... on my last trip I went to two weddings and was in Italy for a week and I kept to two day bags - one black, one brown... and the brown one was a Longchamp that folded up nicely to save space, and one evening bag in black. That bag was slightly more casual for the weddings, but I needed it to be versatile for nights out in Rome. Sometimes with traveling you're not going to have the perfect bag that you'd have at home, but think about the extra space in your luggage you'll have if you pack less... just in case you find something new you want to bring home!
  13. Pack like my Grandma.

    After you put everything in the suitcase you think you need, then take out half of the clothes and put in twice as much money.

    And carry your bags with you on the plane in an overnite bag.
  14. That's awesome advice! And with such great humor! I love your Grandma!

    Yes, I also generally handcarry all of my bags and things I'd kill myself if I lost. But, for some reason I packed my BV Veneta in the check in the last time I was visiting the East Coast. It got back, but I think I'll never do that again. And on that trip I brought 2 bags for only one week - my LV Sufflot and the BV Veneta.
  15. Anal here as well...What I have done when I had to check luggage (there's just so much one can put in a carry-on and still lift it up) was after the bag was in the dustbag, I "bubble wrapped" them. Took up a ton of room, but I felt better about them. :yes: