Traveling with Alzer suitcase


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Aug 19, 2009
hi all. im kinda new here. im fortunate enough to have a couple of the hard sided alzer suitcase. most of the time i take them on a road trip type of vacations. but now we have to move overseas and unfortunately i have to take my alzers as checked in luggage. i've heard horror stories about how people at the airports totally destroy the alzers, so if any of you have any experience with checking in their alzers i'd really appreciate your input.

i've of course called the 866 number and here's what the guy told me, lv does not recommend for the hard sided (alzers and bistens) to be checked in. they only recommend for the hard sided suitcases to be carried for ocean journeys (cruises) or private plane (!!!!!) type of traveling.

now we're lucky enough that my husband's company is putting us on a singapore airlines business class for our move to asia, but i'm still very, very nervous about the airport people destroying my alzers.

any inputs would be highly appreciated!


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Sep 23, 2006
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I would move the Alzer suitcases with your personal items in the freight portion of your move.

For travel by air, use a regular suitcase.

And as always, carry valuables: jewelry, cash and electronics on your person.