Traveling with a Paddy...

  1. Do you put the entire bag through the X-ray machine? Do they make you remove the padlock? I'm just obsessive and wondering what to expect...:shrugs:
  2. Never had any trouble with mine. Flew with my large pocket paddy last week, and I just kept her zipped but not locked shut when I sent her through xray. No one asked any questions about the lock.

    Good luck and safe travels...:okay:
  3. I got, wow that's a "big" lock. I usually put my paddy in a carry on.
  4. I've travelled with them twice and no trouble. One time they did scrutinize the lock closely :smile: and one guy said what the heck is this? But otherwise no problems.... They did not make me remove the lock but one guy wanted to see it work for his own amusement. It was a conversation piece at any rate!! Do put in it a bin and obviously not directly on conveyor belt- bins are cleaner and I sat it on top of my coat so it didn't even touch the bin...
  5. no problemsfor me and I've travelled with mine a lot. I never keep mine locked.
  6. I've travelled internationally with my large belt pocket and it went through the X-rays countless times. No problem at all. I had it in the overhead bin on the 15 hour flight and my cell phone did slide out since I didn't zip it. Luckily I was able to retrieve the phone after I deplaned. So I would suggest zipping them shut. Otherwise - no security problems or damage materialized.
  7. Thanks for your reponses! I kind of forgot about my own thread...sorry for the delayed response...
  8. I traveled last week with my front pocket and mini paddy. Both went through the xray machine in several different airports - no problems whatsoever!
  9. I had a guy do this to my Paddy last week. He was rather amused by the padlock.