Traveling with a cat?

  1. Hi ladies,

    Have any of you ever transferred your cat to another state? I am moving to Chicago in September and I am trying to find the cheapest/safest way to get myself and the cat there.

    Should I have the cat tranquilized for the flight (about 7 hours)? Also, have any of you ever used a pet shipping service where the pet travels independently of you?

  2. Thx for that site! My friend is moving to Oregon & is very worried about her cats!
  3. I have two cats and I would love to take them with me when I move to Toronto (my new apartment allows pets) but I don't have enough to cover vet bills.

    Also, they've lived at my house since they were kittens, and I don't want them to freak out. They'll be happy living at home with my parents.
  4. I have flown with my cat several times. I recommend not sedating. I have done both and found out later when I changed vets that it was actually harmful to the cat. (At least that's what the second vet said.) In any case, my cat is usually very quiet (with or without the sedation!) I have even driven from Texas to Delaware with him and he was a great traveller the whole way. If you do decide to sedate, I have found the best method is to wrap the pill in a little bit of cold cut meat. (My cat loves ham, so wrapping it around a thinly sliced piece of ham worked great.) I've had mixed luck with the pill inserts they sell at the pet stores. A good pet carrier is essential I prefer a soft sided one with a shoulder strap, but remember cats are notorious escape artists, so if you do use a soft sided one they can escape VERY easily! Hope this helps. And I hope you and your kitty have a safe and uneventful trip!
  5. My cats have travelled from Australia to New Zealand to Australia to Holland to Singapore and back to Holland. I recommend that you don't sedate your cats as Pejcharat mentioned. Also do get a proper pet carrier with a water drip as it's important to keep the cat hydrated and put an old towel on the bottom. Good luck with your trip.
  6. I drove across country with my 4 cats (CA to IN). They were in the RV the whole time. One was separated and put in the bathroom, and the other 3 were in the back bedroom. We stopped at least every 2 hours to check on them (they were very angry and not drinking so I was having to rub down their fur with water and put water on my finger and have them lick my finger...veyr time consuming with 4 of them!!!)
    They got heat stroke on one awful hot day in nebraska, but recovered and guzzling water.

    I've never flown them.....too paranoid about it (I know the good stories outweigh the horror stories...but I'm too freaked about it).
    If you have a small cat who is light you can put them under the seat of the plane...but only 2 animals are allowed per flight so you have to book early. I think the weight limit is around 15 lbs including the carrier (each airline differs).
  7. BF refuses to bring Mr. KC to me (from MD to PA) cause the minute he gets in the pet carrier, he starts his meowing. He's a very vocal siamese and BF think he will go nuts through the whole drive!
  8. I've heard that sedation can be moderately dangerous, and that the cats fall asleep in the "pet room" on the plane anyway. Some airlines used to let you buy a seat for your cat on domestic flights and bring them on board -- in a carrier to be placed under the seat of course. Unfortunately, they may not allow that anymore, with all the new regulations and stuff, but it's worth asking about. That's definitely the way I'd transport my cats if it was an option.

    Check with different airlines. Also, talk to your vet about all options -- they may have a really mild anti-anxiety pill or something that's less dangerous than full sedation. (I think the danger is if the cat has a bad reaction to the medication while in flight and no one is around to help.)
  9. And don't forget to but their 'blankie' or things that are familiar to them in their carrier.
  10. I'm worried about the cat meowing and annoying the other passengers during the plane ride. He has to go under my seat. Someone mentioned a "pet room" on the airplane, but I haven't heard of one on Delta or United.
  11. ^^^oh, that's good that he can go with you! He'll be safer. The "pet room" I mentioned is basically a heated and preassurized baggage compartment where airlines store dogs in big crates and other pets that are not being "carried on." You don't have any access to it during the flight. It's better to keep him with you where he can see you and you can keep an eye on him. He might bug the other passengers, but it's really no different than bringing a baby -- some things just can't be helped. Anyway, like I said, talk to the vet, he may give a mild anti-anxiety drug or something, but stay away from heavy sedatives.
  12. ^^^
    Thanks, MandyM!! You're always so helpful! I guess I'll tough it out with my cat-baby. He is a real yodeler, though... And I really hope nobody on the flight is allergic to cats. Honestly, I'm surprised they even allow animals in the cabin.
  13. I once drove across the country with my cat, camping out or staying in motels along the way. She was great, after the first day she got used to it and would go walking on a leash with us in the evenings. But she was a cat who was pretty adaptable with her surroundings. She even lived with me on a boat once for about 6 months!