Traveling to Toronto

  1. I'm going to Toronto next weekend. Anyone with suggestions as to shopping? I love the Eaton Centre but would like to venture out. Any suggestions for dining or going out? :yes:
  2. Yorkville is a fave destination of the rich and famous. You can also check out Holt Renfrew and other high-end designers on Bloor Street West inlcuding LV. Chanel, Tiffany's, Gucci etc.
    I suggest checking out for list of events, place to eat out and such.
    There is also the 4th annual Winterlicious events which include a lot of restarurants offering prixe fixe menus - check it out: City of Toronto: WinterCity 2007
    If you love arts, history etc. check out: Visit 6 Toronto attractions for just $52.25, a $101.22 value!
    - that site gives you the option of visiting a few sites for a very good price.
    Enjoy T.O!
  3. oh i love Toronto! wish i was going... i wonder does it work out more expensive or cheaper to take the dollar over there and spend?
  4. Depending on where you are staying for shopping try the Yorkville area. Yorkdale Mall is also great, I prefer it to Eaton Centre. If you like unique, funky clothing/accessories try Queen Street West.

    In terms of dining out, there is a festival called Winterlicious that is starting next weekend where restaurants all accross Toronto offer a fixed price for 3 course meal. Great restaurants are involved & they are a bargain as some of the restaurants are quite pricey. Check out the link:

    City of Toronto: WinterCity 2007

    Enjoy TO
  5. Thanks gals! I'm trying to score some hockey tickets for the Maple Leafs sold out game with the Canadiens for Saturday night. I made reservations at the Fairmont, but I read some mixed reviews on trip advisor. Hopefully, it is a good hotel. I'll try to look up the websites.
  6. Okay, girls I made it to Toronto and followed your advice. I had a wonderful meal at Epic under the Winterlicious menu. It was terrific! Today, I went down to HOLT RENFREW and entered through the doors of the handbag section. They are having an awesome 70% sale. I didn't buy anything special there but I did try out the new paddy which is still too heavy for my liking.

    I spoke to the SA about my love for Marc Jacobs. She told me that in Toronto one of the most copied off (knockoff) designs is the STAM. I said that it is sad that they should buy the real thing. She said, "you must be a handbag girl." Of course...

    Anyhow, I did venture into the Louis Vuitton and bought a beautiful scarf from the Amour collection. Love it! I also saw beautiful bags at Cole Haan and at Gucci the new cruise collection. I've heard many things about the Gucci store in Toronto and how they can be rather nasty especially after the incident with Renee Zelleger. I made the SA laugh. The only one who was in a bad mood was a French gentleman who was so stern and never sTmiled. hey didn't have much of a selection.

    I also went to Hermes and the SA was very friendly. Chanel was closed unfortunately.
  7. Glad you had a good time! :biggrin:

    yea that's true about the Stam lol. I love it..but since there's knockoffs just about everyone I would not get one.
  8. Glad to hear you had a great time!
  9. It was great! I also made it to the AHL All Star Classic Skills Competition on Sunday. It was a fun filled weekend. I drove back today and made it back in record time. Thanks to all of you for the wonderful suggestions! I will need to return soon to Toronto. :yes:
  10. Hi!
    I'm planning a trip soon to Toronto. Am also a hockey fan!
    Awwww the memories!

    Just curious as to what happened to Rene Z??

    Do you live in Rochester or Buffalo??
  11. I'm so glad you had a great time! When I get some money, you know, for other than groceries, and when you come back we could have dinner or something.
  12. Thanks girls!

    Thanks Caitlin1214 for the invite. Hopefully, you can join me at least window shopping. Loved it!

    Gro3602 - I live near Philadelphia. Supposedly Rene brought a coffee from Starbucks which is two shops next to the Gucci store and was reprimanded by the Gucci staff.
  13. congrats on having a great time in toronto!