traveling to Punta Cana -suggestions where to stay??

  1. Hi

    We are planniung to go for Spring vacation in April as a family to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I am looking for suggestions on hotel etc...prefer all inclusive---
  2. Look into Grande Palladium, all includive, family friendly..3 resorts in one. My boyfriend was there a few years ago, said it was nice. A lot nicer than others in the area as well.

    He mentioned something about people not speaking much english over there so I guess keep that in mind, if you can speak the language (spanish or italian that might help I guess) He said most of the guests were European.
  3. Actually, I think you might enjoy La Romana resorts a lot more., there are some all inclusive resorts there and also wonderful resorts at Casa Del Campo at La Romana., I found Punta Cana kind of .....just not very try the Spanish all inclusive resorts at La Romana.....they are definitely one step above...we did not like Punta Cana, but found the resorts at La Romana and Casa Del campo very enjoyable.:heart:H
  4. Havent been there but have a blast!!!
  5. Don't book a Melia resort in Punta Cana. It is a time share resort and if you are not wearing the specific bracelet they will hound you . They will try to sit and meet with you to discuss time share. They are very aggressive and annoying. The colored bracelets are different from the one's wear people that actually there on time share. That's how they spot you. It ruins a vacation when they try to sell you a timeshare and you just want to relax. And you get multiple people approaching you throughout you vacation even when you are relaxing at the beach. That was my experience.
  6. thank you so much ladies for the greta info - def I will stay far away from Melia resort-- dont want to be hassle at all-- and will check Grand Palladium amd the La Romana resorts as well--