Traveling to Paris, Italy and London next month.. is there a best place to purchase?

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  1. Our flight from Paris to Italy leaves early so I'm hoping I have time to get VAT's back at the airport. We will visit Milan, Venice, Cinque Terre and Rome in Italy.
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  2. Probably Paris since it is a French company. LV is the cheapest in France so I am assuming the same. I could be wrong.
  3. Thank you. I usually purchase in Paris, however, wondered if Milan would be cheaper. I've never made a large purchase in Italy.

  4. Do you know what the price difference it is from the states? How much cheaper?
  5. That is what I'm trying to find out. In Paris, it varies. With the VAT refund I save but I'm uncertain if I will save on certain of Italy.
  6. Are you already in Europe? if not when are you going?
  7. I will be visiting next month.
  8. Why dont you check on website and there is VAT refund calculator? :yes::angel:
  9. Italy has a greater % for tax refunds if I'm not wrong. Not too sure if the retail prices vary according to countries though!

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  10. Usually, for a French brand, the prices will be lowest in France. However, Saint Laurent unceremoniously stopped paying tax refunds if you buy from their stand alone Paris boutiques (they still process all the paperwork but you just never receive any refund anymore). I would recommend to buy from a department store that stocks SL instead (e.g. Printemps).

    If Italy tax refunds are higher than in France, maybe it could be cheaper in Italy, but I would be surprised.
  11. Italy has a higher VAT so the refund % might be higher also, but that may not mean your net price will be cheaper than France.
  12. Thank you, karrotandkiwi.
  13. Thank you for letting me know. Saint Laurent is one of the boutiques I am considering. Disappointing they are treating their clients this way.
  14. The one thing I don't like about Italy's VAT refund is that you are unable to wear your purchase prior to exiting the country.
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