Traveling to Italy

  1. Hi All~

    I'm pretty new to purse forum; however, I LOVE a good bag!!

    I am traveling to Italy in May and would like to add Gucci, Prada or LV to my collection. Can you offer any suggestions on what you can get the best deal(s) on in Italy or where I can purchase them at??

    Thank you!!
  2. you will have no problems with any of the brands you mentioned if you are visiting the major cities like Rome, Milan, Florence & Venice. there is a 12% VAT refund back when shopping in Europe.
  3. I just got back from Rome yesterday. The area around Piazza Di Spagna has loads of high-end shopping -- Fendi, Prada, Gucci, YSL, Vuitton, Hermes, Tods, Hogan, etc, etc. You can do okay on high-end bags -- for example, a Celine bag I'd been eyeing was $160 less than US retail (that includes the 12% VAT refund). You need to be careful though, because the dollar is weak so everything is more expensive than it appears. (Basically, for every $100 Euro you spend you're actually spending about $131.)

    There are outlets outside of Rome and Florence. I didn't go, but I've heard the deals are very good. Check out a copy of "Born to Shop Italy" for all the details.
  4. Thanks for the info.

    I am going to Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan and Cinque Terre and then we are flying back through London.

    I realize that the dollar is weak in comparison to the Euro. Can't you get the 12 % VAT refunded??

    I have picked up the book you mentioned... "Born to Shop Italy" and have been reading through it.

    My main interest is Prada, Gucci or LV.

    Keep the suggestions coming!! Thank you!!!
  5. i've been to the outlets outside of florence and you can certainly get some deals on prada and gucci. not amazingly cheap, but better. i went on a "school trip" with a chartered bus leaving from rome so i don't even know exactly where they are (i'm sure your book will tell you). they are a bit out of the way so you would need a car. also, the prada and gucci outlets are not in the same location. the prada stands alone and the gucci is in a little "mall" with many other shops like fendi, marni, ysl, etc. i hope you find some good things!!
  6. DH and I are also headed to Venice / Florence / Cinque Terre / Siena / Rome in May. I am so excited, this is our first time to Europe, and reading your post makes me even MORE ready to go! :p

    While in Florence, we're planning to take a 1/2 day tour to the outlets - some previous threads here on tPF about this lead me to the site CAF Tour&Travel - Florence city tours - Excursions to Siena, Assisi, Rome, Venice... . They stop at Prada for 1.5 hours and then Gucci (and the other shops at The Mall) for 2 hours 45 minutes. I've heard this is long enough... I guess I'll have to do my research first on these brands (I'm only familiar w/ LV and Chanel prices) to make sure I'm getting a deal.

    Does anyone know if these shops offer shipping back to the US? I'm hoping to buy, buy, buy, but would rather not carry all the goodies around with me! And I think they'll instantly refund the VAT if you ship back to the US, is this correct? TIA!

    Have a wonderful time, let's swap stories when we return! :p
  7. Last time I was in Rome, I took the train to Florence and went to the Gucci and Fendi outlet. You will need a car to get to those places, we hired a private cab to take us around, but they were definitely worth the trip.
  8. I was wondering the same thing about shipping back to the US Mango...great question!!

    What dates exactly are you going to be traveling there? Maybe we'll cross paths :smile: Ha!! It is our first trip to Europe as well...we are so excited!!

    Thanks for the tips on the outlet stores!!

    Keep 'em coming :smile:
  9. There are a couple of threads on this in the Handbags & Purses section with some good tips. Just go to that section, and click on Search this Forum. Happy shopping!
  10. Thanks for the scoop BagLuver...I will definitely do some research.
  11. mango- 1.5 hours at prada and 2 hours and 45 minutes at the mall will definitely be enough time to see everything. i want to go back!!
  12. I've been to Italy a few times and here's an alternative suggestion. Why buy something you can get at home? There's tons of little shops where you can buy a handmade bag made in the region. They aren't expensive and you can pick up a unique piece, I've gotten several very nice handbags that way.
    The leather in Italy can be exquisite.
  13. ^ I'm also planning to scout out unique pieces, not b/c of their brand, but because of their workmanship, uniqueness, and memories!
  14. We're leaving 5/12, returning 5/25, and will be in at the Florence outlets sometime between 5/16 - 5/19 (I can't remember exactly right now). Will you be there around that time?
  15. Good suggestions...buying unique pieces...I think that may be what I do as well...never thought of it that way before.

    We will be in Italy May 5th through May I guess we won't be crossing paths....By 5/16 we will be in Cinque Terre.