Traveling to Frankfurt for business: What to WEAR

  1. hello all,
    I have come to the experts. I am traveling to Frankfurt for a business event and will be there for 5 days.

    I swear no offense but I do not want to look like "the American", I want to look hip and and together without looking too overdone . . .. .

    - Can I wear St. John suits (black) with hip boots ?

    - Any other advice on other "looks"? make-up?
    Any and all advice would be great . . . Much thanks.
  2. I am not sure what an American lady looks like on business (I am sitting in germany so that may help) - I can spot an American guy from a mile bec a lot wear oxford button downs, slacks and navy blazers (:smile: - I like that look so fine, just saying.

    I reckon, black pant suit, fancy boots, a nice trench (for sure!) or even a nice skirt suit and you are all set.
    business ladies here wear skirt suits, but also nice pant suits with simple shirts or nice blouses. I woulnd't worry too much to get a new wardrobe. for me it is all in the detail: coat, shoes and bag.
    when are you going?
  3. A coat! It's chilly here :smile:

    Just wear a nice black suit and maybe a colorful top or scarf with it so that you don't look boring and monotonous :smile:

    I'm kind of confused about the hip boot thing. Are you meaning cool boots or are you talking about boots that go up to the hip? :smile:

    When are you going to Frankfurt? :smile:
  4. Yeah, I agree, a discreet Hermes scarf would be fine. =)
  5. windsor. | Homepage

    agree with the hermes scarf - check out this website, this is a typical German lady label for business. hope this helps. - I don't see it much different from ralph lauren, st john, calvin klein
  6. thank you so much, I KNEW this forum was the place to go.
    Hip boots = so I look like a cool chic !

    I leave for Frankfurt on Wednesday!
  7. Have a nice time while you're in Germany. I will be in Frankfurt (at the airport) on Wednesday too :yes: