Traveling to France... where to shop?

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  1. Hello all!

    Question for all you ladies... My Husband and I will be traveling to France this summer and I was wondering where the best LV's are to shop. We will be staying in Chambery (father in law is working there). I know we will be hitting Lyon, and the South of France for a few days. Is it better to shop a smaller less tourist store?
    Thank you so much!! : )
  2. Congrats on your trip to France! I have only been to Paris, but I definitely enjoyed my smaller boutique experiences so much more than shopping at the Champ Elysees or Galleria Lafayette, where there were always crazy lines. IMHO, the main attraction of visiting the bigger, heavier trafficked stores like the Champ Elysees flagship, was to see the store itself, it’s layout and selection. At the smaller stores, I almost never had to wait to go inside and was able to receive service without waiting for an SA to finish.